1 HOUR 90s – Indie – Hiphop – Rap Mix

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32 Responses

  1. ItsRiles says:

    Over 1 Million views…wot.
    I made this in 30 minutes…..

  2. Lagosha Alexandr says:

    Why names of bands is so f*cking hard?!

  3. Marcelo Henrrique ferreira says:


  4. Lil' Kitty says:

    никогда не слышал инди хипхоп и похоже зря, столько джоинтов не услышанно, so underrated

  5. PalmBeachPauly says:

    Because this is real hiphop

  6. edward Matthews says:

    Holy shit tears to my eyes son!.

  7. François Chénard says:

    This remember me good times

  8. KbZ UnchaineD says:

    What playlist ???

  9. KbZ UnchaineD says:

    Song 15 mn ?????

  10. Hip Hop Hippo says:

    Nice mix. Love ULTRA – “The Industry is Wack” 7:39 Kool Keith bro.

  11. Martin Weigel says:

    I love it , perfect for cruising thru da hood with my old benza

  12. Charlie Zhang says:

    dam this giving me a hard boner

  13. gay_bob_fag_pants says:

    Sugacane sounds like Nas with a deeper voice

  14. PeDrOtTE_McZ says:

    Peace from Brazil!!

  15. eric princeton says:

    The first track is fire

  16. ivan nadobko says:

    ULTRA – The Industy is Wack исправьте ошибку в слове industRy

  17. Hx Ee says:

    Add a pubic comment, then shave urself….

  18. *420 japan * says:

    Golden times

  19. Sandro Freitas says:

    Só blek na veia

  20. Bryce Narez says:

    i dont give a fuck who you are who you is

  21. eric princeton says:

    488 Drake dick riders..

  22. Ruben100200 says:

    Good one!

  23. Martin Soria says:

    True Underground 100 percent Rap.

  24. NomadicEmcee says:

    That pic though…we don’t talk to police.

  25. MANIA POR FUTBOL says:


  26. Wouter De Vries says:

    Some true music right here 🙏🏼🙏🏼

  27. naul 2233 says:

    golden era forever..

  28. James Dixon says:

    Is there any way to download this in an MP3 file? Would like to burn this to a CD for my car

  29. Dodu Alexandru says:

    Se aude si pe zona, TM ’17 bishhhhh

  30. Кирилл Локаткин says:

    Thanx a lot from Russia for mix peace

  31. Watts 1 says:


  32. Jose Pinilla says:

    Where can I find the image?

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