10 Hilarious Offensive Stand Up Jokes! #2

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23 Responses

  1. G says:

    Patrice was always on point. man, truly, one of best ever. Rip brother

  2. Mike Larue says:

    Amy schumer is the worst. Couldnt be more happy to see all the schumer haters.

  3. SkrizzNads says:

    All were funny except amy schumer. I wonder who she stole this joke from

  4. omar nasser says:

    Amy Schumer is just not funny. I genuinely don’t know if she’s trying not to be funny but for some reason she Can t do it

  5. Undercover Country Man says:

    Amy is garbage. How did she get on this list?

  6. Undercover Country Man says:

    This whole group sucked.

  7. Rich Davis says:

    All hilarious minus shumers dumbass. She is a complete moron!

  8. Rooky Music says:

    Skip the Amy Schumer parts = 10/10 👏👏👏

  9. אלכס נחשונוב says:

    patrice was one of a kind , absolute geneouse!

  10. REDEX SUBZERO says:

    amy schumer joke was weak

  11. REDEX SUBZERO says:

    her delivery is the worst of all famous comedians

  12. Stephen Channon says:

    One day Jim and everyone else will stand before God and answer for they have done! God’s love is unconditional ! God loves everyone, He proves this in that He sent His only begotten son Jesus Christ to die for us all!!!

  13. Richard Spikman says:

    We all miss you, Louis! Please come back soon from this bullshit timeout.

  14. c0rNh0l1o says:

    how did that disgusting bitch amy schumer get into that list. she is just not funny. dumb fucking cunt

  15. cverdon0710 says:

    Hey look up these comedians: Greg Giraldo, Bill Burr, Daniel Tosh, Tom Segura, Joe Rogen, doug Stanhope , Ari shaffir and then you’ll have to make a list of 20 and amy shumer and joan rivers wont make the cut. Hell even Bill Hicks wont make the cut

  16. Dylan Lafreniere says:

    Video ends at 26:52

  17. Dante Howlstice says:

    Opening with Amy is a good way to ruin a video at the start.

  18. marsh mellow says:

    That’s why babies are assholes

  19. luvUSAkanAYETOROkan says:

    u get on the plane n its just 2 babies hehehehehe

  20. Simon Gabb says:

    Amy Schumer is not funny. Looks funny yes, sounds funny yes. Comedienne NO.. Aren’t her initials ASS

  21. Nitsuj Rekoob says:

    Im pretty sure amy schumers dimples are where the coat hanger jabbed her.

  22. Nitsuj Rekoob says:

    So amy schumer is in the thumbnail. But everyone down here bitches and acts surprised shes in the vid and says they turned it off after the first ten seconds. I think you all clicked and commented just to be whiny cunts. Im no fan of hers, but youre all being contrarian pussies.

  23. brodie keown says:

    amy schummers delivery is just garbage and i doesn’t help that her material here can barely be considered humorous

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