11 Drunk Guys Play Slender | Part (1/2)

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36 Responses

  1. Paphiline says:

    Who else is watching in 2017 or 2018 😉

  2. Eric Copper says:

    *_I P E E I N M Y H O U S E_*

  3. Hope Gogolan says:

    “GO VERY SLOW” “that’s what she said”

  4. David Pelaez says:

    AYEEE WHO still watching this 2017 gang

  5. SpawnOfCrota Lvl40 says:

    probably my favorite videos on the internet

  6. orpheus2006 says:

    Still 2017 a great video. So funny…

  7. Mary Moore says:

    “He hopped over that fence for one reason and one reason only. He wants to bang the Slenderman.”
    “That’s fucking gross.”

  8. 新Shin says:

    2012 was the best year 😀

  9. la chica voltron 333 says:

    5:18 someone said “go eat p*ssy” xDDDDDDD

  10. aiste stasytyte says:

    why is he getting pages? *I P E E I N H O U S E*

  11. AgashiRobotX says:

    *”i pee in my house”*

  12. Teenuh Bear says:

    The Slender man movie trailer made me remember this masterpiece Youtube vid LOL

  13. triztan em says:

    The one guy voice is high five ghost in regular show

  14. SquishyyGhost says:


    That random screech of “WAAAAH” made me lose it, then even more moments later

  15. Joseph Keeler says:

    Your neighbors must hate you.

  16. Jonathan Rahija says:


  17. Ticci-Tasha 1 says:

    I. Am. Amused. Thank you for this Gift! Your drunken screams make me laugh. Your blind Rage from the Alcohol made your screaming even more entertaining. You should post these more often, I just want you to drink more before playing this, If you have a hangover because of my Request I am sorry… Kinda… You just don’t get this kind of Entertainment until your of Age… I’m just Twelve and I’m already half way there. (By “Half way there.” I mean, my moms side of family… Its Unexplainable…)


    My mom and her friends went out on an Road trip, but her four (Male) friends were drunk. One of her friends had to Piss, so she parked near a small ditch. Her friend jumped out of the car and while he was doing his business… HE FELL INTO THE SMALL DITCH.

    I laughed so hard when my mom told me that, I cried.

  18. emirton willianmy says:



  19. IOne Eye says:

    I love how when they don’t know if it’s there they argue but when they do see it

  20. BTS FAN KOOKIE says:

    Sound like the creepypasta plays slender when they are drunk

  21. caramelmilk says:

    this is the greatest slender gameplay ever.

  22. nintenwoah says:

    “Which size is your hardon?”

  23. Dasoku AzureFlux says:

    6 years later still funny xD i love this

  24. χχχCнασтιcPнαηтσмχχχ says:

    11 man gangbang got me real hard xD

  25. Ihaskittay says:

    I need alex and the gang back oml

  26. Gregory munoz says:

    the fucking memories dude

  27. cat says:

    i remember laughing so hard to these videos back in 2013 and now im going to binge watch them all over again

  28. Karoline Janz says:

    I love this so much 😀 I watched it the first time 6 years ago and every few months I think about it and watch it again 😀

  29. JackieFunGames says:

    I came here from an Undertale post on Instagram (@hey._its._frisk)

  30. Zymoose says:

    Hm, i dont remember this video having any thumbnail art

  31. KirbyFan64 says:


  32. catythecandywolf says:


  33. samuel crepeau says:

    still laughing at this in 2018 hahahahah

  34. Dreamer Blackhood says:

    Ear rape intensifies

  35. Thedarkslender Thedarkslender says:

    I wanna face cam

  36. HoboAssistant says:

    With the way YouTube is now, they better not delete this video

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