3 SCARiEST Brock Lesnar LOSSES In MMA Fights

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36 Responses

  1. אדלינה אדלינה says:

    brock lesner goes only on submisons well that dinnt get him far eh

  2. Mr. Reid says:

    Brock is naturally strong & can fair well against regular people, but a skilled fighter who’s equal in strength, size, & skill is times harder.

  3. Joseph Gregor says:

    The bigger they are the harder they fall

  4. Jon Eckerd says:

    Brock you got your candy ass fuck up.Stick with the wwe which is so fake. Because you suck

  5. DylanDelRosarioYT says:


  6. Damon Manning says:

    Lesnar clearly didn’t know that Mir was a ground god

  7. Hariom Singh says:

    WWE is completely fake.
    It’s the real fight where the beast distroyed badly.

  8. J.J. K. says:

    Brock Lesnar is a f***king pussy. He ran away back to fake wwf bullshit. Stipe would murder this giant steroid.

  9. Valentin Klaric says:

    he only had 3 loses clickbait…

  10. Memo O. says:

    Looser… 😀 😀

  11. Manny V says:

    Whats fucked up is he wasnt even 100% in all these fight and im not a fan one bit so dont take,as me,trying to stand up for him

  12. Bening Hunter says:

    remember your age, brocky. 😂

  13. Calvin Hobbes says:

    Cain beat lesnar like he stole something

  14. scrumtrelescent007 says:

    Mir vs Lesnar was 10 years ago… wow.

  15. ACDCfreak50 says:

    I honestly don’t understand all the hate that Brock gets. Why? Because he’s cocky? Lots of MMA fighters are cocky. Some act that way to sell tickets, others do so because that’s just who they are. Either way, who cares? For Brock Lesnar to come out of pro wrestling into the UFC when everyone thought it was a joke, then to become the UFC Heavyweight Champion is an amazing accomplishment no matter how you slice it. It just is. And look at the guys he lost to: Frank Mir, Cain Velasquez, and Alistair Overeem all arguably in their prime. No shame in that. And lest we forget that Overeem was popped for a failed drug test right after the Brock fight, which is something people love to pile on Brock for after his fight with Mark Hunt. Idk, seems like some people just don’t like the idea that a guy like Brock could come into the world of MMA and hang. Maybe I’m just crazy for wanting to watch good fighters have good fights and not giving a shit about anything else.

  16. Meme Man says:

    1:27 SPANKK!

  17. w slim says:

    Brock is MMA’S biggest disappointment.

  18. Ateek nadaf says:

    Brock win in wwe because wwe matches are fixed matches

  19. Aditya Rathore says:

    It is a video game or real

  20. Shivam Verma says:

    most satisfying video on YouTube

  21. Luan says:

    The 1st and 3rd took referees took ages to end it.

  22. Restu Utama says:

    look at that big trash lol

  23. MolekPl MolekPl says:

    Fuck you

  24. PheenX says:

    Brock is a dog that don’t bite

  25. Blue Bird says:

    Love you brock

  26. Jordan Cridland says:

    This looke like the ufc video game at 2:53

  27. Dmarjion Henley says:

    hes but

  28. yair GC says:

    Mexico es la verga pinches gringitos

  29. Michael Shaw says:

    Goddamn Cain beat the fuck out of Lesnar.

  30. Vimal Adith zyan says:

    For me brock lesnar is the best fighter

  31. ScottSPlace says:

    good someone put him in his place

  32. pandoblier says:

    1:52 Best Moment. its like a ballett Dance. Amazing how he do this to shelter from an attack.

  33. Sedric Iñigo Que says:

    Brock after losses his 3 belt he go in wwe next

  34. Kakkarot Red says:

    Gues the Monster got Hunted….wai..wait.. what? MONSTER HUNTER

  35. all video available 2 says:

    before brock lesnar mma after wwe

  36. We should all be LIVING LIKE LARRY says:

    Shane Carwin lowkey beat brock.

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