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28 Responses

  1. $noock says:

    free usee?

  2. Stepan Popkov says:

    May 2, 2016

  3. Raashey Reality Tv says:

    yea good beat and all g but to keep it 100%.You cant even sell this beat,let me tell you why, Bob James – Feel Like Making Love is alive and well and unless you paid him to sample it which i highly doubt ,This beat is free to use for

  4. Raashey Reality Tv says:

    o and if thats not the case inform me on what is ???

  5. Khristian Peel says:

    This sounds like some Nas “It Was Written” stuff. Very dope

  6. Too Many Boxes says:

    do people not understand the concept of a HOT SAMPLE? shit.

    respect to you man. this is really good for an old first beat.

  7. ringo ringo says:

    Beautiful beat men….

  8. Gabriel Machado says:

    vai ser nessa base mesmo.. ajuda aí!

  9. Lebogang Radebe says:

    yo my man this lovely

  10. Blessed says:

    love it!

  11. Cecilia Santos says:

    tbm legal

  12. YoungSavage says:

    Yeah, This is something new
    I like it

  13. Seyid Riza says:

    the good old days without marketing and mercandize

  14. InstrumenTop says:

    Hi cool channel. amazing work. lovely sound.go on up

  15. Lok1 says:

    Can i use?

  16. DesertedReptile98 says:

    I check out Eric M Cubillos (Tha Luck) spit some old school feel bars to this beat on soundcloud

  17. funk toon says:

    NOTHING after 1988 is “old school”! get over it you new jack biters!

  18. David Conroy says:

    This is dope

  19. Malaez - says:


  20. DUSTY says:

    The instrumental use it for my song.
    Good beat!

  21. Michael Gloria says:

    Whats the tempo

  22. Mariano Almestas says:

    Como para hechar un free con los colegas

  23. Dust 17 says:


  24. GROOVYPAPI says:

    Freshman year 😩

  25. Bonham House says:

    Tribe, we the people!

  26. OD STEEZ says:

    (I only spent like a little bit more than an hour on this, so it’s not polished as much as I’d like)Just a bunch of kids/Anyone can hang with us/Days go by miscellaneous/And I’m tryna make it up the ladder/Rather than staying scattered at the bottom/I prefer slaying competition/Hopeful speaking soulful will awake me as a hip-hop mogul/Till then, the clock’s tick tocking/Headed for the long run/No running; just walking/Don’t get exhaugghhsteed/Making proogreess/Keep grinding and focus on the objeeect/(yeeeaah/)That is my principal/Prophet speaking biblical/The games feeling hopeless/You can call me seroquel/If my lyrical toxic gets under your skin, take syricalm/Talking about pill popping/Maybe you’ll stay conscious/Maybe you’ll be out for the longest/The cats can say im no bite, and no barking/ Maybe, but so are the mice you’re stalking/They better listen to me before they’re history/Big ‘preme out for the cream/Hope y’all can pay the entrance fee/I can go on endlessly/Gotta answer me, or else you’ll rest in peace/Fall down with the weak/Your whole gimmick deceased/I can’t deny; I’m a beast/Whipping in the kitchen/Cooking up a feast/Eating anyone below my hierarchical/Being savage is more than habitual/It’s in my spiritual/Respect the horns, and fear the bull/(young bull/)
    Immortalized on some paper/These guys are some now and laters/ -That’s my wager/(yeah/)New ‘preme on the scene/I don’t do it all for the green/I do it for my team/(yeah/)
    Immortalized on some paper/These guys are some now and laters/ -That’s my wager/(yeah/)New ‘preme on the scene/I don’t do it all for the green/I do it for my team/
    You know what I mean?/I’m just tryna be a king/Second thought:Why be a king when you can rule the frauds as a god?/For now, get out of your thrones/Those are all my spots/

  27. Who's Your PoPo says:

    Good music to do homework with!

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