90’s Boom Bap Rap Beat Hip Hop Instrumental / Prod. Noise SysteM /

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  1. Brandon Townsend says:

    i wroteee some sickk shit to the beat. can i use it?

  2. EstablishedRecords says:


  3. EstablishedRecords says:

    Would love to get some more talent like this on our label

  4. Defender of Earth says:

    My bars go over you head because you can’t read these scriptures; i’ll abolish slavery then have a three some with the Grimke sisters; walk into the house and see nothing but empty pictures; in my lab workin on these mixtures/ (IM NOT GOING TO POST THE WHOLE THING SINCE PPL LIKE TO STEAL LMAO) I will be recording to this in the not too distant future.

  5. Maefiso mefisto says:


  6. 92SchoreStyle says:

    D I double hockey sticks

  7. Sheffer Seal says:

    Bro i need only add ” (Prod. Noise SysteM) ” to tittle and ready to up??
    Solo necesito agregar eso, para no tener problemas, solo subo musica por placer, no me importa el dinero. solo la cultura!

  8. GetekTVP says:


  9. Eric Lara says:

    can I get a download link to this beat? whether to buy or free to use, I’d like to get this. this beat is fffirrreee

  10. Pollo Martinez says:

    Una rola que isimos con el carnal g boy https://youtu.be/l3N-FpjIAqE

  11. Pollo Martinez says:

    Grasias al noise system por el gran beat https://youtu.be/l3N-FpjIAqE

  12. TwnyD says:

    Aytee – Freiheit II

    This german rapper fucked this beat in two parts.

  13. Murilo AsVezes says:

    I can use it in my brother’s music???

  14. NOIAS says:

    i keep hearing this beats so i can remember myself that the boombap ain’t dead .

  15. asdas asdasd says:


  16. YoTrevvy - BOSSEDUP KICKS says:

    Video in the BX ?

  17. Vatoloko Stonurv says:

    me gusta el betas puedo usarlo verdad??

  18. Malaki Quest says:

    You wouldn’t mind if I…?


    Calle y chandal lo nuestro es una familia andamos como banda

  20. Jesse James says:

    It’s great to see that real hip hop beats like this start getting millions of views slowly! The golden age is about to come back!!!

  21. Karam Batarseh says:

    Here use my writtens idrc non y’all gon be famous off em anyway. & it goes like this “you ain’t nothing but a has been who aint neva been nothin. Listen to the melody comin Finna put an end to your buggin. U really packin the lead? & Stackin up bread? Ha Another false claim & im prolly slappin you dead. Baseball bat in hand, on my way to flatten ya head. True my Reputation as cool as a pacifist’s but don’t be fooled cuz I do still pack a fist. In fact this is how to throw a haymaker so put ur back in it! Check it im destined to be blessed with wits dont eva test it or think of messing with this or face the consequences of getting shredded to strips. I’ll sever ur head and ur legs n leave u dead in a ditch then sulfuric acid ur remanants til the evidence seizes to ever exist.

  22. Erick Romero says:

    Y si lo quiero monetizar? Lo puedo comprar?


    Bro, Dillon Cooper (one of my favorite rappers so far) used your Beat and killed it! You should check it!

  24. Glyph4 says:

    bro this is flames, can i use this for promo as an intro for my upcoming free mixtape?

  25. Rap Sem Fronteiras RSF says:

    Beta do Caralho!!

  26. Sokrates Chin Chilla says:

    Love this loop ❤

  27. Adam Králik says:

    super respect from slovakia

  28. Rocky Savo says:

    How much for this beat lmk we do big shows willing to pay asap

  29. Jin Mishima says:

    good job man!!,

  30. Jin Mishima says:

    this is hip hop!!!

  31. Cluckie The vampire chicken says:

    I like I like I like

  32. puto raider says:


  33. Tibo MalaSuerte says:

    https://youtu.be/A_CTT1FrCDU usé este beat por si quieren escuchar el tema. Gracias.

  34. Bir Şutör Bir Pivot says:


  35. bba hustle says:

    ‘Conditions to use the beat free’ Fock ya ! Ya ain’t got shit to say. using this shit vulture. #KeepitRap


    Purchase the Beat? Really?! that beat i stolen.. here the original Interpret https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oJmSmI8WCF4

  37. Seyhan Kökcü says:

    good job 🙂

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