99 OFFENSE AND 0 DEFENSE Vs 0 OFFENSE AND 99 DEFENSE!! Who Will Win?? Madden 17 Challenge

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40 Responses

  1. YoBoy PIZZA says:

    Hope you all enjoy the video guys!! The roster took a long time to create, so it would be so awesome if you wouldn’t mind dropping a like! Thanks everyone #GOD1

  2. Farrell Johnson says:

    cowboys suck it hard

  3. 0 Subs with no Videos? says:

    He’s totes rooting for le cowboys.

  4. Marie Lowery says:


  5. Mason W says:

    I was interested in this video until I heard your voice like seriously take some adderall and calm tf down before you make a video

  6. Iconick Chaos says:

    Cringe level is extremely high

  7. EMKleet says:

    Jesus fuck. This was cringe-inducing.

  8. Christine Dewolff says:

    Hawks win

  9. AHSOKA IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!! says:

    99 Offense and 0 defense will win

  10. jj swiss says:

    Don’t talk about my Seahawks

  11. Karmella Battal says:

    Ha ha ha ha ha the Steelers lost against the jaguars ha ha ha😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  12. Karmella Battal says:

    And you like the Steelers

  13. Amy Ziegler says:

    99 o

  14. Cody Allison says:

    He picked the Dallas cowboys offence because he knew we Dallas fans are going love because he hates Dallas and rather Seattle lives so yah pizza roasted

  15. BeakerPD says:

    You know, this was a good idea. If you would just shut the fuck up and stop trying to be funny I may have enjoyed it.

  16. Brandon0613 Lucky0613 says:

    I question how long it took you to make this roster 😂 also pls upload the roster I definitely want to use it

  17. Game On1423 says:


  18. /Mark Mitchell says:


  19. The Genius Gorilla says:

    Defense will win

  20. jackson sage says:

    I don’t think you changed Doug Baldwin’s speed

  21. jackson sage says:

    The Seahawks all had pretty good speed hmm

  22. Wyatt 123 says:

    I watch coyote Peterson lol

  23. Nicholas Munro says:


  24. Gucci PaperPlate says:

    Who’s here before 1mill

  25. Matthew Watts says:

    You stupid

  26. Matthew Watts says:

    Just kidding

  27. Tonya Bohm says:

    Dallas all the way

  28. Wyatt Harvey says:

    Your humor is cringy

  29. Denis Daily says:


  30. Sam Pezzolesi says:


  31. sue thomas says:

    seattle wins

  32. Noahdaboy 1237 says:

    HA!! ×1000

  33. froakie frubbles says:

    It’s ya boy no subs

  34. Stacey Bushey says:

    9 d

  35. the best boy jr says:


  36. All things Football says:

    Tytttttttttttttttttttttttt today jr

  37. Youtube-Exile says:

    You should have more subs trutfully the editing you do plus the time to make rosters keep it up

  38. Pauline Waller says:

    seatle is going to win

  39. Josh Hopkins says:

    99 offence

  40. Kaden Steffen says:

    Seahawks all the way through

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