ARE YOU HIGH ENOUGH ~ Original Music Video [Heavy Rock Grunge Metal] TRUBADOR

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13 Responses

  1. TRUBADORtv says:

    @Drumma425 nice dude

  2. JokerOfSpades4 says:

    you guys are great… if you ever do a concert in portugal let me know and i’ll be there banging my head for you 🙂

  3. TRUBADORtv says:

    @LuLupoo tnx dude

  4. metalman664 says:

    Keeping The Grunge 🙂 I love iT 🙂 deff staying true to The Genre 🙂 Thanks for This amazing piece of art 🙂

  5. Luke Ziegler says:

    I think it was pretty good. Id like to hear some harder shit with some badass vocal harmonies if you ever made it.

  6. xXShaunChristopherXx says:

    Very cool. You deserve waaay more views. Sub from me…

  7. TRUBADORtv says:

    @Ing181 thank you dude

  8. shane henning says:

    i miss you guys making videos please make more new ones there entertaining

  9. TRUBADORtv says:

    @tacityrn hey whats up, ya i like the bomb one too. tnx for your comments man – marcoe

  10. TRUBADORtv says:

    @gibraltar99 thanks

  11. shane henning says:

    great song

  12. happy thieves says:

    Great Song Guys! Subscribed!

  13. Emanuel -Nirvana says:

    amazing song guys… all the best from Portugal

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