Bell Biv DeVoe – Poison

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10 Responses

  1. jstarang1 says:

    That bass line at 3:42

  2. Jesus Hernandez says:

    Chepe Santacruz Londoño

  3. sadako24 says:

    My soggy knees.

  4. HunterAndAkatsuki says:

    this represents how thots have easily scored a place around the globe

  5. tavon dyson says:


  6. LuvDemSoundz says:

    It’s driving me out of my mind, that’s why it’s hard for me to find…

    Can’t get it out of my head, miss her, kiss her, love her

    That girl is POISON

  7. Taylor Blurie says:

    I want to go to the 70’s and live that life. Peaceful at the time

  8. Chris Calvert says:

    The first concert I ever went to was Bell Biv Devoe! Hearnes Center Columbia MO! Now you know!

  9. XxLast LunarxX says:

    How did this not hit 100M views, I mean can you blame me?! *The song is amazing!*

  10. BrandonDeshohn says:

    This song still rings true to this day. Women are savages.

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