Bellator MMA: Paul Daley Vs. Rory MacDonald – FULL FIGHT

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23 Responses

  1. Conor York says:

    Rory MacDonald belongs in the UFC

  2. Biggn82 says:

    I could have told you who was going to win and dominate this match before it even started, he was very good in the UFC = he’s going to be even better/maybe the best in Bellator. But then again it is MMA, you never know!

  3. RUGGED BREED says:

    rory the scared of UFC fighters mc donald

  4. Vishnunarayanan Namboothiri says:

    Rory MacDonald is the thin version of Neville Longbottom

  5. Wang Chung says:


  6. peej says:

    Rory too much skill

  7. Johnny Pacman Fitness says:

    What a shitty fight. The British guy don’t know how to fight at all hahah

  8. HUMAM THE IRAQI says:

    i think boyka best fighter

  9. angel garcia says:

    UFC suck some balls…

  10. Prexydez says:

    What a Boring fight…the white boy is a pussy. Everytime the Same ground Shit.

  11. John Dickerson says:

    Anyone who calls a fighter boring for being a good wrestler should not watch mma . There’s always boxing or kick boxing to watch

  12. Ron Romano says:

    Rory is just GSP junior which is no surprise they trained under the same team for years. Although GSP would mop the floor with Rory.

  13. Jamie Lee says:

    hold ,time out

  14. Mike Ross says:

    Paul “Sucker Punch” Daley

  15. Kill Humans says:

    This presenter got nothing on Bruce.

  16. Eli Iluz says:

    Awesome guy!

  17. Yuna Balqis says:

    Rory Mcdonald fight like bitch

  18. mike harvey says:

    Please, here, take my back. WTF?

  19. Christian Payne says:

    Rory MacDonald beat Tyron Woodley. He also gave us one of the best WW fights of all time with Robbie Lawler. He is still one of the best and he took Daley to school in this one. I’ll always be a fan. Glad to see him on top.

  20. Ari Avi says:

    Rory would have made a great Bull Rider

  21. Pjutr Pogromca says:

    Rory is very smart fighter. Love him

  22. YoutubeProfileRD says:

    Good for Bellator having the actual best Welterweight fighting today on their roster

  23. Jomanro says:

    “Semtex” just got turned into “Cement”. He was about as explosive as a box of bang snaps/popper fireworks.

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