Best Hip-Hop/R&B Mix #4

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23 Responses

  1. Adam Fox says:

    very nice music I like it so much , really best hip hop dance

  2. LowRider03011988 says:

    Kann mir bitte jemand sagen wie das lied heißt welches bei 1:19:42 beginnt? Danke

  3. Daniel Steger says:

    Nice musik

  4. Daniel Steger says:


  5. Antonio Gonzales says:

    A esto le llamas hip hop ? Por favor una de mobb deep con lo menos que este mix esta super aburrido no es nada fuera de lo normal ya que necesito escuchar flow de verdad.

  6. Imafidon Samson says:

    i love  this music

  7. Da Real One says:

    wtf is that they cant sing its not r&b its trash

  8. jerell jofre says:

    alguien sabe cual es el tema del min 28:30 , plis comentar 🙁
    song time 28:30 plis help

  9. The Best Cat says:


  10. Saying it direct says:

    6:15 is when the song begins

  11. aaron ramirez says:


  12. Romuildo Primo says:

    muito bom…

  13. canwoe says:


  14. Raphael Wetshi says:

    please someone know the song at 1:19:42 pleased

  15. 79michali says:

    If that is a Best Hip Hop Mix than Im Adolf

  16. Mell Knn says:

    29:00 does anyone know the name of the song?

  17. Le Barn says:

    love r&b 😙

  18. 634996118 Santos says:

    Why stop at the 10 minit?????

  19. Lewis Small says:

    song at 1:19:00 shazam has failed me can anyone please tell me what it is

  20. Andrei Pop says:

    49 music?Pls

  21. Esmée XxxX says:

    The first song? Please😉

  22. Santino Mclean says:


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