Best Of Grunge 1 (Full Songs)

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19 Responses

  1. Lastrevio says:

    If I would get 1$ for every pixel this photo has I’d have 50 cents.

  2. Leonardo Solera says:

    90’s come back please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. esquinasrotas says:

    Where is Mudhoney?

    No fun

  4. Adriana Lona says:


  5. jkmyfriend19 says:

    wow 10/10 i love grunge lol

  6. kster809 says:

    I’m about 90% sure that The Pretender is postgrunge.

  7. poce762 says:

    nice list bro

  8. Karin Chan says:

    Castiel ama :v

  9. Game Over Tv says:

    Muito fodaaaa, grunge melhor genero!!!!

  10. Facu - says:

    mother love bone rape my ears

  11. JasonSeverson88 says:

    Blind Melon, Radiohead and Foo Fighters ain`t grunge, it`s shit!

  12. Danilo Amorim says:

    Caramba que baita playlist

  13. Hugo Corti says:

    Quíen dijo que los Smashing Pumpkins hacían grunge?

  14. Elgus 114 says:

    there’s no way i could love you more MP St-Onge !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Elgus 114 says:

    good selection but Smashing Pumpkins is shitting outta the bucket ………Grunge wasn’t even born yet….

  16. Manhu C says:

    Ajajajajajaj motherfucker, RADIOHEAD= GRUNGE???, ……..amazing

  17. Leonard Fork says:


  18. Thiago Barcellos says:

    Tá, mas tenham em mente que o Blind Melon não é de Seattle; eles são de Los Angeles. Tampouco pertencem ao gênero grunge. O gênero deles é CowPunk, um subgênero do punk rock (mistura de folk com punk) originário do sul da Califórnia.

  19. Nick Bloom says:

    I don’t think any of these bands had could have grasped how loved the music they made would be even decades later. I wonder if they ever knew that millions of people would grow up having a special place of nostalgia from the days that music like this echoed out of rock stations and cassette tapes everywhere. It truly was a corner in time that was special and I cannot imagine there will ever be something similar to that affect ever again, the world and culture has changed so much that nothing is special anymore. We have endless choices of bands that can be digitally accessed by millions the day a band makes a record. The days of looking forward to travelling to see a good band live that meant something are gone, technology is great and all but it really ruined the music industry in my eyes. Sure there are a ton of great bands now but they get nowhere because popular music drowns them out and recycles over and over. This was the last era of music before technology took over peoples lives and changed it all. Thank god we had them before it began, and if you are old enough to have grown up with that feeling than you are a lucky one. I know a lot of people that don’t share the same feeling simply because they were not there or didn’t have it.

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