Beyonce Ft. Ed Sheeran – Drunk In Love (Acoustic) At Global Citizen Festival 2015

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12 Responses

  1. Felix Frost says:

    poor Ed probably feels intimidated by that gaze..

    *don’t stare her in the eyes dammit*

  2. Pare c says:

    do you kon

  3. Glayson Cordeiro says:

    Omg. You can sense homeboy got a little nervous haha

  4. Isaac Mcclaugherty says:

    I wanna girl that looks at me the way beyonce looks at Ed Sheeran lol

  5. Grimmjow Ali says:

    ed sheeran is overrated his always second to first with other artist combination

  6. Grimmjow Ali says:

    Beyonce sounded so much better! so much

  7. Aditya Singh says:

    No one can sing a beyonce song better than herself

  8. Alyssa Delaney says:

    Okay so Bey is a fantastic performer but I’m not the biggest fan of her’s (haters come at me please). I’m not into her music but I know it’s amazing. This shit I could listen to all day every day. Ed makes everything better. Ed is the human form of chocolate (he’s white chocolate though)

  9. Fabian Hutan says:


  10. Peppa says:

    Beyonce looks incredible in that crazy leotard and heeled boots and then Ed looks like a guy you’d say good morning to at a grocery store. Man I love those two ❤️

  11. Cognitive Dissonance says:

    Two trannies for real.

  12. Mark Mniece says:

    Props to Ed for not even flinching with the Beyonce circling lol

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