Beyonce Ft.Jay Z – Drunk In Love FULL (Lyrics)

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11 Responses

  1. Other Lily says:

    *Oh BaEbEh*

  2. Jude Mendoza says:

    Nick Miller brought me here

  3. Μαργαριτα Παλιουρα says:

    The Weeknd has sung this song..😠

  4. Clique Navy says:

    beyonce’s voice is so powerful ugh

  5. so dodo so dodo says:

    Well queen b drinkin watermelon

  6. HelloLPS Z says:

    Sorry but um bey you kinda STOLE MY FUCKING WEAVE WTF

  7. Sexy babe 699 says:

    oceans ate alaska did it better

  8. Jesse Sands says:

    That me when I think about baby yanelle.s

  9. Daa Ny says:

    Tbh the intro scares the shit out of me lmao

  10. AloisCreates says:


  11. Fiona MG says:

    You’re all gonna hate me for saying this. But I have to say it : I have a friend that can sing this song and make it much better… I swear ! I could listen to him for hours !

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