Bombs Away – Drunk Arcade [Official Video]

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  1. Gongonzalo3 says:


  2. UnitZER0 says:

    Games/Franchises in this video:

    Mortal Kombat
    Dance Dance Revolution
    Street Fighter
    Super Mario Bros.
    Pac Man
    Sonic the Hedgehog
    TRON Light Bikes (aka Snake)
    Donkey Kong
    Assassin’s Creed
    Yoshi’s Island
    Final Fantasy
    River City Ransom
    Mario Kart?
    Dr. Mario
    Worms Armageddon

  3. Lost Cause says:

    anyone know the name of the game at 1:48? I’ve played it before but forgot the name

  4. Cloydskie Xd says:

    The MV is so dope and funny!!!

  5. Sylwia Nowak says:

    SO FUCK*N GOOD *ghasp* :OOO

  6. Sydney McClinton says:

    I Love This!!

  7. Annoing says:

    Anyone else played all those games from the video???

  8. SkyRayGaming says:

    some one on 2017? >:3

  9. RudyGamerCZ says:

    Awesome :DDD like

  10. Chara Is here And Frisk too says:

    I keep on listening to this non-stop 0_0 Just whoaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  11. Vroni Fangirl says:

    Like nr. 88.888😂

  12. Dark Soul The Demon says:

    Love the animations! 😁

  13. joakox98 says:

    0:25 Mortal Kombat
    0:32 Mario Mushroom
    0:38 Dance Machines
    0:46 Super mario World
    0:53 Pacman
    1:00 Sanic
    1:13 Tron
    1:22 Ass Peach
    1:29 Estela and Peach redhead invited to do an orgy
    1:48 Bomberman
    1:51 Pong
    1:55 MAINKRA
    1:59 Donkey Kong
    2:02 Megaman
    2:07 i think is warcraft, idk
    2:20 Ps4 controller but we are in 2013
    2:27 i dont know
    2:33 Portal
    2:35 Mario trash
    2:50 Mario again
    2:52 Generic RPG (but i think is a Final Fantasy)
    2:54 Street Action Arcade Generic Game
    2:56 Kirbiception
    2:58 Planes…? i dont know
    3:02 Dr Mario ALLUHA AKBAR
    3:05 Worms
    3:08 Ahora hay 2 Zeldas!
    3:13 Tetris
    3:18 Game Over
    3:24 Real Life :’v

  14. Zenderman says:

    Love this song who are the people in this i whana see there gaming channel.

  15. Zenderman says:

    why hadn’t i seen this before 2017 wtf i missed out

  16. Daniel Nieves says:


  17. Daniel Nieves says:


  18. TheDarkGenious says:

    I really hope that, in the year 2050 or so, once VR tech has had some huge jumps, someone goes back and buys the rights to make a proper VR tron game. I don’t care that i’ll be over 55 by then, it needs to happen and i’d love to confuse my grandkids with trying to explain the freaking arcade game that inspired it.

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