Brutal Beginnings Of The UFC

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21 Responses

  1. Martin Pettersson says:

    David Isaacs and Royce Gracie kinda look alike…

  2. Sherbet_Bomb says:

    1 boxing glove lol. How things have changed. Those fights were weird and lasted longer than they should have. Half these folk were simply fuelled by rage

  3. Lucid Dreams says:

    My boy chuck Liddell needs to lay off the coke or speed whatever has his jaw looking like that. pretty sure he is a future hall of famer if he’s not already. clean it up big dawg

  4. Santi Valen says:

    Everyone is saying they miss the old UFC when it wasn’t just all business and commercialized, but think about it like this without money the UFC can’t be maintained!

  5. CasualNerd says:

    Why tf was the singer off The Red Hot Chili Peppers there

  6. Renko Styranka says:

    The refereeing in UFC 1 was gawdawful.

  7. sexntuna says:

    2:31 – Hey God, can you make me look like a squirrel? okthx

  8. St Cn says:

    This was when the ufc was awesome and at its best! Ufc is almost just a nightly show. Not real fighting anymore.

  9. ReefleksPlayz says:

    That truly wath amathing! I’ve altho been hooketh ever thinth

  10. HydroArctic says:

    Am I the only one who though David Issacs was Royce Gracie in the thumbnail?

  11. chaoticdays says:

    I believe as do many others that Royce Gracie is arguably the greatest MMA fighter of all time.

  12. Rz.Lalrammawia Ruthless says:

    what and old school…lmao

  13. Berret Slapdash says:

    Hhhghhh go to truth contest site read the present study or something

  14. dznArro says:

    is it me but david issacs look like royce gracie

  15. quickie00 says:

    Why is everyone wearing a Fedora?

  16. wolflobo says:

    This is nothing, wait until world war III starts soon.

  17. OG BamBam GO says:

    David Isaacs looks like a long lost Gracie family member lol
    He looks like Royce Gracie

  18. Jess Connelly says:


  19. Michael H says:

    I fought when UFC was still ECF…(extreme cage fighting) and it was worse than this…much worse

  20. Ian Mangham says:

    I remember tito ortiz first fight it was on some show on tv

  21. Bass Player says:

    I love the no rules but I’m at ufc 15.5 and every rule has its purpose and was refreshing and created better fights. Everything that could of happen In a that environment has happen and then some.

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