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OFFENSIVE MEMES What are some offensive memes on the internet? Well, I have a few examples right here 🙂 Onision Channel: OnisionSpeaks: UhOhBro: Onision Reacts: Onision Forums: Official Site: Onision Supporters: Twitter: Tumblr: Facebook:...


Offensive Nelly – The Office US

Offensive Nelly – The Office US Nelly rocks up to work almost an hour late with zero excuse and then proceeds to insult Scranton and the Irish… Watch The Office US on Google Play:...


Offensive Lineman — Went Full Retard

Offensive Lineman — Went Full Retard Mental retardation is a generalized disorder, characterized by significantly impaired cognitive functioning and deficits in two or more adaptive behaviors with onset before the age of 18. Once...



COUNTER-STRIKE: RUSSIAN OFFENSIVE SUBSCRIBE TO BAMANBOI ► Twitter ► Instagram ► Steam Group ► Vine ► Facebook ► Twitch ► This vid was an old project i abandoned ages back, my PC has recently...


10 Hilarious Offensive Stand Up Jokes! #2

10 Hilarious Offensive Stand Up Jokes! #2 These are 10 of the most hilarious offensive jokes ever told by stand up comedians. I bet you can’t keep a straight face for the last joke...


Top 5 – Offensive Games

Top 5 – Offensive Games Gaming may be entertainment but just like any other art form it has a dark side too. These are the five most offensive games ever made. Close the curtains...

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