Chris Brown Drunk Texting Ft. Jhene Aiko Lyrics

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36 Responses

  1. emma chyskai says:


  2. Beverly L Watts says:


  3. Konceited Truth says:

    ι’м вlowιng υp yoυr lιne🎶🎵

  4. Micheal Henderson says:


  5. Ricardo Jackson jr says:

    Like your music

  6. Daesha White says:

    I love that both of them sing at the same time. It’s so different in this type of music and I’m obsessed!!!!

  7. Naenae Two Fresh says:

    did any body notice that the whistle in the back ground is the same whistle from Michael Jackon stranger in my scop

  8. Micheal Henderson says:


  9. Micheal Henderson says:


  10. Jalisa McClure says:

    Me 🙋

  11. Micheal Henderson says:

    Jay Carney said he

  12. Eastern Tai says:

    drunk texting tonight😄😄

  13. Jocey L. says:

    I like the song but I don’t like woman beaters.

  14. Kuresa Tiaua says:


  15. CHICAPIKABUB says:

    whos listening to this in 2017??

  16. Abby K says:

    love this song so much anybody else listening to this in 2017

  17. Gabriel Marín says:

    who’s Still listening in 2017 and 2018?

  18. Yomaira Nieto says:

    Whos here in 2017

  19. Fern Fern says:

    I relate to this song so much its not even funny things better be changing in 2018

  20. kiara gregory says:

    Still a bop😍😍😩

  21. sissy24689 says:


  22. elenix Viral05 says:

    I was watching ricegum reacting to Jacob don’t regret it

  23. Luhh Mya says:

    End of 2017 an still bumpin dis junt💯👅💦

  24. Chìíka Unìqué says:

    Bumping this in 2017💜💜💜

  25. Dezzy Gajanan says:


  26. Keya Riley says:


  27. Meloma Auelua says:

    Who’s listening in 2017 & will continue to listen til 2020

  28. killing my head imvu day says:

    who going to be listing to these an 2018

  29. Vivi Ana says:

    2017 anyone?

  30. Anatisha Cole says:

    I love your songs

  31. NY. says:

    Still listening in December 2017!

  32. Marisol Pineda says:

    Add me on sc- Speedyondablocc

  33. Shameka King says:


  34. Shameka King says:

    Its funny how you can turn on CB and he be singing like he understand you better than your own man. Some people just never get it while others do.

  35. karisma Mullins says:

    2018? 😅 jk just 5 days left tho

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