Conor McGregor Vs. Eddie Alvarez Fight Recap | UFC 205

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28 Responses

  1. Pensacola Guitar Lessons says:

    turn down volume scroll until yellow line is gone

  2. rafidhi X says:

    am i the only one who noticed bisping’s demonic hand movements at 1.47

  3. submissivelover says:

    “He didn’t have a huge reach advantage, i think it was only about an inch”

    Nah, it was about 5 Inches lol….Alvarez has a 69′ reach to McGregors 74′

  4. JNixon W says:

    Eddie couldn’t give mma fans a fight smh what a boring fight I was hoping to see a bulldog fight like Nate did

  5. JNixon W says:

    Nate is the only one that can survive that left hand let’s see if tony and Khabib can

  6. taylor trash says:

    did he say “backs up the mouth” WOW these guys are idiots

  7. khabib record says:

    I’m sorry santa clause is in your contract Eddie he does exist 👊

  8. Patrick Remi says:

    Such an epic night for MMA. Will remember this for the rest of our lives!

  9. DavidSylvester7 says:

    1 inch reach advantage? these are suppose to be professional commentators. it was 5.

  10. Michael J says:

    Man bispings eye is looking jackkkkedd the fook up

  11. X X says:

    Did this dude just say Conor isn’t fast? 🤦‍♂️

  12. Asap Money says:


  13. sam charles says:

    Santa clause is real ~Edward alvares~

  14. sam charles says:

    Conor is the easiest fight in the division ~Edward alvares~

  15. John Oswald Palines says:

    Whats wrong with bisping’s eye

  16. TMT 1 says:

    That loss to Diaz was the best thing for Connor he stopped throwing all those spinning kicks and tiring himself out and even picking his shots better than he already did like they said he didn’t miss a punch this fight

  17. john than says:

    I’m just wondering if they are really doing this while conor is doing this post fight interview haha

  18. Pm Mc3 says:

    Yeah you better apologise bisping

  19. Patrick Remi says:

    lol Conor cussing in the background

  20. Patrick Remi says:

    How can these guys miss out on simple stats? Conor has a much longer reach than Eddie….

  21. Hugo Nieves says:

    Bisping made up for his mistake in doubting him

  22. Isaiah Montalvo says:

    I think we all deserve to see a McGregor vs Marcus Brimage rematch.

  23. cluTch0 says:

    Brian said Conor had 1 inch reach advantage Lol
    Conors reach is 74 , Eddies is 69

  24. Enelx Ail_ao says:

    Illuminati bisping confirmed it

  25. Joseph Gautam says:

    That left hand is really the best weapon in the world of mma..

  26. Anthony Rowe says:

    Bispings hand is freaking out

  27. DanielJones Jones says:

    The goat said Conner will win GSP knows

  28. livelike celeb says:

    Alvarez is great, but now it’s something beyond great he faced

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