Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Launch Trailer

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31 Responses

  1. Captain Blyat says:

    – Destroyed recoil mechanics

  2. Tommy says:

    Wish they would let to test this beta version.

  3. Doggy style! says:

    And now we got lazy ass final version.

  4. Mag Gonzales says:

    i think beta colors is better

  5. Ikhwan Habibi says:

    I swear to god, Valve! If you don’t wanna make Half-Life 3, Portal 3, and L4D3, just remaster or remake the previous one Valve, please!!!

  6. TheDarkElite says:

    And fucking VAC

  7. Adriansyah Firdaus says:

    And 5 years later: PLAY ARTIFACT !!

  8. gran:D_ Fill says:

    Епт… русские есть?

  9. gamersteamvalve says:

    old gloves + old gui + old character

  10. gushy305 says:

    New dust 2 is out..

  11. Spade says:

    They didn’t mention CS:CZ, I wonder why…

  12. Александра Науменко says:

    it’s console xbox 360 and ps 3

  13. Александра Науменко says:

    valve please I want on xbox 360 cross platform in counter strike global offensive computer and steam and ps 3 OK

  14. Александра Науменко says:

    Valve please I love you I like your games

  15. Salim El Yabouri says:

    those plastic guns and hands xD lol

  16. NemesisGamer says:

    People all over the worl love Valve = Valve’s official Youtube channel has 1 million subscribers

  17. Main Fighter says:

    RIP Cross-Platform

  18. Panzermann11 says:

    In a world of Counter Strike GO, where weapon paint jobs are worth more than a single car.

  19. A.Z. CRaZy says:

    Who’s here in 2017 and waiting for 2018?

  20. Square 365 says:

    who would say that all of those 2 billon dolards was generated by a simple mod for half life on 1999.

  21. Spy says:

    El nacimiento de una legenda..

  22. Minib31 says:

    oh man cant wait till this game comes out

  23. Vulcano001 says:

    0:24 wtf this ak47 XD

  24. indo gaming says:

    Woww your video is very good I love you this video

  25. AfexManTv says:

    Fucking csgo team lame ignorants

  26. Juanma Live says:


  27. Илья Кармановский says:

    Aztec remained only in this video..played this map since June 8, 2000..gaben you are doing bullshit

  28. Gabi Ace says:

    Who the fuck needs a helicopter?

  29. Ertan Soner says:

    This series shouldn’t be forgetten

  30. Red Dino PLAYZ says:

    Who watch dis in 2018?!

  31. Badolf Pittler says:

    It looked way cooler than it does now

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