DRUNK. [12/22]

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15 Responses

  1. I AM ETHAN says:

    It’s weird to think I didn’t know Ethan at this time, but after a couple months I became a huge fan

  2. Filip Rybárik says:

    It looks like Marzia didnt like it

  3. majestic UNcasual says:

    LOL @ I get it now America. I get why you’re fat….. …..Because a good percentage eat shit food and refuse to exercise and content looking like shit. :/

  4. Hardik Pandya says:

    Oh yes.. Headphones are most imp in gym.. even though wires are not connected 1:01

  5. lil shreky says:

    1:01 headphone cable on the floor haha

  6. TonyMon16 says:

    can always spot the gym noob when i see 12 inc h arms adn them doing push ups in the middle of the weight room rofl… YOU GO GYM FOR THE EQUIPMENT.. doing push ups at a weight room ( as the workout) is like wanking yourself while in bed with a sexy hooker.

  7. Li Ta says:

    oh man i miss birdabo 😞

  8. Пердун Пердунски says:

    15:03 you shouldn’t have drawn swastika, the side-effects are kicking into Felix…

  9. Max Gustafsson says:

    Din form suger mannen.

  10. Game Enthusiast says:

    Jacksepticeye da best

    Pewds average

  11. danhi333 says:

    Pewdie is a lowkey pyromaniac

  12. Vincent Bourbonniere says:

    damn, miss these vlogs hahaha

  13. angel blue says:

    “get u now America, I get why ur fat” hahahaha u right

  14. Finn Bearhat says:

    I have bigger muscle’s then you and I’m only 16

  15. Fuck You says:

    You need to eat meat more faggot snowflake

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