Drunk History Vol. 5 W/ Will Ferrell, Don Cheadle & Zooey Deschanel

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26 Responses

  1. Briana Peterson says:

    after 5:33 her right eyeball is just like “i’m done’. G’night.

  2. Wave McKenzie says:

    The thing about Richard Dreyfuss 😂😂😜

  3. 420apache657 says:

    now all the teachers are drunk

  4. Tanner Dolan says:

    White girl wasted

  5. Randolph Dube says:

    worst ever… on top of your women BS this explains white humanity…

  6. Stacey Piper says:

    When youre too drunk for drunk history

  7. Coleen Sternn says:

    But the thing about… about… about…

  8. Joseph Jones says:

    I think after this episode they decided to dial back the amount of alcohol consumed before filming. Poor girl looks like she is on the verge of a coma.

  9. chrisserrific says:

    man, they used to get lit for this. It’s more like tipsy history now.

  10. mram3610 says:

    She was fucked up lmao. The look on their faces when she said President Clinton

  11. Pagar Kajira Owned says:

    “..did I take my pants off?…feels like…I took my pants off” has been that drunk soooooo many times

  12. JXMV says:

    Not hard to understand the democrats loved the slaves the republicans hated slavery. Lincoln was a REPUBLICAN IDIOTS !!!!Americans need to learn real history not public school crap.

  13. Frankie Logan says:

    I want to be the one who narrates drunk history 🤣🤣🤣 gosh what the hell would I say 😂😂

  14. Michael O Neill says:

    Why have I never seen these before

  15. Elaine Pollard says:

    This show cracks me up. The Louis Armstrong and Harriet Tubman are many favorites.

  16. Dana Marie Cain says:

    Why do I feel like I am the muse for This? Lol

  17. Jonas Salk says:

    my head is shutting asleep…where was this woman to tell me good stories when I was a kid?

  18. Christina Suchon says:

    I could NEVER pull off a story like this that wasted!

  19. Elle P says:

    Ohhh, I hope one day, they recall the Dreyfus trial.

  20. MGod 7 says:

    Black delegation request trade for Zooey… We have Wayne Brady available 😂

  21. MGod 7 says:

    Don made that speech his bish!!!!!! lol

  22. Collin Pace says:

    Abe Lincoln & Fred Douglas. The perfect duo.

  23. Kaarli Makela says:

    fukkin love it

  24. dee essex says:

    LMAO Richard Dreyfus

  25. rehnyele greene says:

    She’s fucked up lol

  26. Ev Ye says:

    Jen Kirkman makes this show. She’s authentically drunk and smart at the same time.

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