‘Drunk People’ – Gabriel Iglesias- (From Hot & Fluffy Comedy Special)

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10 Responses

  1. GinGvsWorld says:

    A love you mate but that’s not even close to Irish👌🏻

  2. contrerados says:

    *OMG!! You’re so funny Gabriel!! Everybody was laughing, including the people you ate!!*

  3. Ashley Penney says:

    That was a scottish accent lol

  4. Erica Wesle says:

    Wanna see my joke look down

    Hi I’m a bad comedian but I’m anti socialist so my family calles me emoerica and I was on snapchat and it’s dark I take a snap of me it so dark I put on the chat look my room is as dark as my soul

  5. Lizeth Estrada says:

    I choked on ma water when he said “Donkey” 💀💀

  6. Ryan Beers says:

    It’s amazing how well he does SHREK /sounding like SHREK it’s h farginlarious Doonkeh 😂..!! I tould yew to stay out a there quit bein’so reDONKulous

  7. Don Richard says:

    Listning to Fluffy makes my day 🤣

  8. Brian Lee says:

    1:21 That’s funny!!

  9. bastouis says:

    D O N K E Y !

  10. The Only One says:

    I hope he comes out with another here soon

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