Drunk Squirrel Had Too Many Crabapples

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31 Responses

  1. Gooba Jungle Boy says:


  2. Elizabeth Ann O'Connell says:

    What happens when a Squirrel eats fermented Crabapples? He gets tanked up & does the TIGGER BOUNCE!

  3. Holly Dee says:

    That was funny, but I was afraid you were going to release your dog… thank you for not releasing your dog. He thought he would hang by his toes from the big tree to sleep it off for awhile.

  4. Karen Messinger says:

    That’s really funny. I hope his hangover wasn’t too bad later.

  5. lucky1dawg1 says:

    what ever happened to him- do you know? How do you know he ate the fermented apples?

  6. mishu says:

    These people that lough so much about drunken squerel shoud give the right food on this time of the year where there is no food nstural for them. Shame on you people, that think this funy

  7. Shellyz2u says:

    Awwww. Give him some bread

  8. mother nature 251 says:

    What a hangover this little guy is going to have

  9. Roger Roach says:

    Glad to see the little guy got it going finally, hope he makes it home.

  10. All4Him says:

    If your not laughing, check your pulse. I did something similar leaving a party years ago, lol

  11. edylc nostrebor says:

    Awww that’s sad

  12. J Anthony says:

    Oh he just needed another buddy with him. Its no fun being like that alone

  13. Diane M Kuchins says:

    the woman’s laugh is even better than the drunk squirrel!!!!

  14. Sandra MacMillan says:

    I hope it isn’t sick

  15. Dawg Breff says:

    I have no idea why this showed up in my recommended list, but I am so glad it did! I had no idea that a squirrel would get itself sozzled! An education and a good giggle, thank you!

  16. Theresa Ellis says:

    what ya do to it

  17. Albert Bradley says:

    poor thing is cold

  18. Metalstorm 2112 says:

    Too funny…thanks for sharing.

  19. Fat Jeff says:

    Squirrel: *w h e r e* *am* *i* *n i g g a*

  20. Eric Liskey says:

    Funny…but I hope the poor thing didn’t end up freezing to death

  21. Eddyer Salazar says:

    That squirrel will be a good drinking body lol

  22. Jesse James says:

    You made my night, I’m laughing so hard! Thank you

  23. Jeromey Cole says:


  24. George Shop says:

    Superb, simply superb, thank you for posting and sharing. When I seen this I had the flu so it wasn’t clear to me what I was doing betwin laughing, crying, coughing and farting. Sincerely, was an experience.

  25. Heidi Neale says:

    Damn! It’s like watching South Park. You are laughing so hard, but you know you shouldn’t 🤣

  26. PartiallyNumb says:

    Almost looks like like it may have rabies, I’ve never seen a drunk squirrel though.

  27. Libertarian Voice USA says:

    Squirrel: ‘I’ll eat you under the table!”

  28. Angelica Miller says:

    Have you tried turning off and on again?

  29. Christy Dunlap says:

    I laughed so hard when that poor sweet drunk squirrel thought he was just going but wasn’t going no where! I’m going to hell laughing like I was at that poor thing. LMFAO!

  30. Riddick tonn says:

    He’s got his buzz on!! 🤣

  31. Mike Ockizitchy says:

    He got white girl wasted

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