Drunk Squirrel Tries To Climb Tree – Break Fails

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31 Responses

  1. Leonardo di parma says:

    That squirrel needs counseling and rehab ASAP 😂😂😂

  2. Trumps Doctor says:

    That squirrel had rabies my friend it wasn’t drunk, notice the twitching of it’s head & running in circles

  3. James Oxford says:

    put him to bed.

  4. shawn Dooley says:

    When you know the squirrel lives longer than the camera man

  5. ApplePie 2017 says:

    You sure it didn’t take flaaka?

  6. Davis Ausband says:


  7. Mark Young says:

    Hes tripping

  8. Evelyn the Bootsie says:


  9. HP Lovecraft says:

    At first I was sad because I thought it was probably just a dying squirrel and the uploader thought it was just drunk. But it wasnt neurological. Theres a few parts where the squirrel exhibits bilateral nystagmus. You get that when you are drunk and it feels like things are spinning to one side and your eyes and head have trouble staying still. I think it is just a drunk squirrel and he will be ok. so i guess its more funny than sad this time.

  10. No GoAway says:

    squirrels like

  11. SuperPikachuGaming says:

    That’s so sad

  12. Jojoishere 123 says:

    poor squirrel

  13. Pual Cruz says:

    I need a lil drinking partner.

  14. Amy says:

    Well, I think we’ve all been there. lol

  15. Ultimate Keyshawn says:

    Voice over? Anyone? No? Ok….

  16. Classic The Chihuahua says:

    The squirrel is like YouTube 😮

  17. Bryan Rivera says:

    Now you have the time to grab that squirrel and pet him like a hamster till his highness expires 😂

  18. CB SushiKiller says:

    Pretty sure this is rabbies in its late stage

  19. beforebirthday cheyenne says:

    Got da spins

  20. 808pathfinder says:

    another left turn

  21. Desarea Faith says:


  22. cipher88101 says:

    “Gammie da keyz imma drive dis tree home.”

  23. Jerry C says:

    Hahaha, me, drunk? You’re nuts!

  24. Daniel Woon Kim says:

    May be Brain parasite infection?

  25. AR Archibold says:

    Never mind he is doing way better than my neighbor trying to ride his bicycle when drunk

  26. amin a says:


  27. girly gamer 123 says:

    the squirrel has learned its lesson

  28. Ocean LPS says:

    I think he found leftover catnip😂😂😂😂😂😂

  29. Cake 'm Cookie Saturday says:

    This is basically my dad EVERYTIME

  30. RAPHAEL ULTIMO says:

    *I guess us humans aren’t the only ones that get Drunk!!*

  31. Fluttershy Tickles says:

    poor little guy but it is kind of funny as well

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