Drunk Squirrel

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8 Responses

  1. White Cupcake says:

    I say bullshit about the squirrel doing this to himself. Those FUCKS recording did this to that poor squirrel! Imagine the alcohol poisoning it had! I’m positive the squirrel DIED RIGHT after this recording. *”IS THAT REALLY FUNNY?”* #AnimalCruelty #AnimalAbuse

  2. Kolero85 Kolero85 says:


  3. Colin Andri Brian Torres says:

    Holy shit!. Where the fuck am I?

  4. Noushin Salahi says:

    poor squirrel

  5. Cliff The Stiff says:

    Actually the squirrel partied all night!

  6. Jestina D says:

    So we’re just gonna ignore the fact that this video is over 10 years old?!

  7. Seventh Mist says:

    Friends don’t let squirrels climb drunk.

  8. Charles Martin says:

    that’s not funny call an ambulance

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