EA Sports UFC 2 – Bruce Lee Vs CM Punk | EPIC FIGHT!

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19 Responses

  1. BEEZY ON WWE says:


    Understand that this is just a video game. It was CPU vs CPU. Follow me on instagram and twitter @BEEZYONYT . Thank you, have a awesome day!

  2. Mahmud Sp says:


  3. Vladislauv Vladimir Dracula says:

    bull shit CM punk in real life could never kick nor even win against Bruce Lee for in the first few seconds his ass’d be laid out cold

  4. Эльчин Гусейнов says:

    А вот дерется не Брюс,а какой то питух…это ролик с игровой приставки…разве Брюс так дрался ? хули позорите его память !??? чтоб какая то шваль попал удар в лицо Брюсу ??? время теряем на твою игру упырь…

  5. Karan Sharma says:

    in real Bruce Lee wins

  6. Nuriza Jenishbek Kyzy says:


  7. green walid says:

    Fuck the animation,

  8. Yos Suri Bere says:

    good bagus sekali

  9. tín lê trung says:

    et đụ

  10. Marlon martinez martinez says:

    Ese juego esta disponible para play 3?

  11. Inaam Legend says:

    brouclee can can kill him in on kick

  12. Bheerapp Evani says:

    etara gem yege tegivudu

  13. ghulam nabi says:

    I like Bruce lee

  14. Alfredo Gomez says:

    En la vida real Bruce Lee lo acabaría en 5 segundos

  15. Velsanng Velsanng says:

    Just game. …no more

  16. 19 savage says:

    One paunch cm punk will land in hospital

  17. edgar Condori says:

    Que pelotudes en realidad bruce lee le ubiera ganado de un solo golpe a ese inservible

  18. zein Qashua says:

    Bruhh this is wasting time , and this is bullsh** because punk cannot survive for 20 sec with lee

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