East Coast Hip Hop Compilation 1994-95 Volume 1

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28 Responses

  1. Mr. PerroElvie G. Henderson Esq. says:


  2. Mr. PerroElvie G. Henderson Esq. says:

    dunn didhe g Henderson

  3. Gary K says:

    Dope mix✌🏻 big up

  4. Thabo Earnshaw says:

    Amazing mix.

  5. Alex Idfwu says:


  6. martin bell says:

    This is bad.

  7. vision//chrs says:

    Good shit man, thanks for uploading!

  8. Zosia Kobylinska says:

    These are the streets s**t is real out here this ain’t no f**king joke.
    Real Hip Hop Real Lyrics REAL L I F E !
    (because it’s real)

  9. AesUno Oficial says:

    Excelente mix! me suscribo, pasate por mi canal para escuchar instrumentales de rap y trap!! abrazo!

  10. Elm Tree says:

    Is this available as a download anywhere? I checked the page in the description yet I could not find any links… fantastic mix. Much appreciation for putting on all the wonderful tracks!

  11. Scott bryant says:

    I love this shit

  12. KA Min says:

    east coast always cool

  13. xenaflatout says:

    omg!!!! what happend to youtube???? 🙁

  14. Joaquin Silver says:

    Yo son this shit is banging yo bumping this shit riding threw my city

  15. The Groove Hostel says:

    no Mobb Deep ?

  16. Ljube Meshkov says:

    sehr gut gemacht . bravo

  17. Glebs Bihanovs says:

    mate, ive grown up around the finest of 90s hip-hop and i must say this is one of the best playlists i heard out there !

  18. Jörg Thomas Kulemann says:

    #USA #Deutschland #NewYork #Hamburg #Berlin #München #Goslar
    LegionGlobal LG #free #independent #J. #harz tom²
    #Germany AllIsIllegalStaySafe

  19. Jörg Thomas Kulemann says:

    great sounds

  20. Marc Hill says:


  21. slime reaction says:

    where the fuck is Mobb Deep at….and what!!

  22. Daan Wouters says:

    delay lovely descend when proud welcome hostage piano marketing wish work.

  23. selfmademanification says:

    AZ-Rather Unique
    Was ahead of its time
    Only Real HipHop Heads can Appreciate these Golden Era Gems💯

  24. Tasty Churro says:

    I love when the beats have a crackling static. I don’t know why.

  25. Neb One says:

    1:01:35 Crooklyn Dodgers- Masta Ace, Buckshot, Special Ed
    Was the illest freaking beat I’ve heard in years

  26. Niko DeG says:

    nice mix mane

  27. TheSnowman619 says:

    Incredible job on this video, truly a masterpiece for hip-hop lovers like myself!

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