FUKKED UP – The Sorry Song – Grunge Music Video 2012

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10 Responses

  1. nickgreeen says:

    then I was as pissed as I can be! … had no choice

  2. kabarado777 says:

    I bought your album. It kicks ass. Thank you.

  3. Sbarabbapilo says:


  4. thesonicshuffle says:

    This sounds like Pagoda

  5. João Rafael says:

    Sorry but i have no joints

  6. Francisco Gouveia says:

    Good stuff!

  7. Fukke Dup says:

    you left me no joints

  8. João Rafael says:

    great song. Congrats!

  9. Zied Ghozzia says:

    not bad

  10. Considerate & Pragmatic says:

    Great song. I fucking loved this song. This is a pure grunge to me. You guys sounds bit like Nirvana and I don’t mind it at all but I liked it more. I think you guys are doing in your own way, you’re doing your own stuffs and rocking in a free world. But still anyone can find the high influence of nirvana’s music in your songs. And its not bad thing either. Any artist, band is always inspired by another artists, bands of their time or before their time. I’m sure that any grunge music lover likes Nirvana’s  sound. Go ahead ‘fukked up’. Best wishes to you guys’…. And thank you for sharing such a nice creation. I hope to hear more from you …

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