HIPHOP 90s Underground Rare 12 TRACKS

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18 Responses

  1. Janelle Lindsey says:

    anybody know the instrumental on track 3? Capital Steez used the first loop for his ‘infinity and beyond’ so interested to find the original.

  2. My Stanford says:

    YO imo these are to be found when you deserve them not givien to suckas for free. think about it man, giving away your personal diggings. maybe you have thought about it i dunno, kool anyway

  3. ReyNey says:

    Check this “Flow Overkill” Mix 😀

  4. Clément Pommedapi3513 says:

    beh voilà comme le temps a passé…c’est en écoutant les vieux morceaux fétiches comme ç base,la racine; totalement intemporel et franchement éternel. Peace

  5. grant gardiner says:

    i’m a white boy and nerdy.

  6. FLS -RN says:


  7. Omar The Terrible says:

    Hell yeah !

  8. MC MISMO says:

    desde colombia para el mundo

  9. Ger Wieringa says:

    I love it.Back in da day.still love that shit

  10. ADHDANDME says:

    This made my morning, bless ya’ll

  11. albert gichana says:

    Lab purified gangster shit

  12. Lukas Cielocaminante says:

    When the title says underground rare tracks but you already know half because of instrumentals

  13. Otso Lehtinen says:


  14. lookbehindyou221 says:


  15. Zadicus says:

    Who’s listening in 2085?

  16. KMKZ Beats says:

    Very good this playlist!!!!

  17. Patikek Manim says:

    NIce! Thaanks bro! Fresh dive to so beloved 90s=] Lovin Every beat!

  18. Ande Matapher says:

    Time in the essence. Live in the present. Relevant benevolent great mcs. Steady getting cheese. Feeling the breeze in the West Indies. Got the sensei. God sent me to send the message. Life is for the living. Stop complaining and be a go getter. Search for something better. I write this song as a letter from me to you. Girl be my boo and come on through. Ill show you a good time. Sipping fine wine with some good cuisine. Be on my team triple beam. We ride clean.

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