How Nickelback Became The Most Hated Band In History

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28 Responses

  1. Grunge says:

    Is the Nickelback hate warranted or is it just overblown?

  2. Cinder Cinnamon says:

    If Nickelback inspires hate the word “misogyny” makes me go into a fit of rage. I wanna strangle this trendy millennial noun. I instantly loose respect for the conversation when it’s brought up.

  3. John O'Brien says:

    I thought the most hated band in the world was the Insane Clown Posse? I sure get nothing but hate for saying I’m a juggalo versus saying that I like Photograph.

  4. hack3r says:

    Bitch you talking SHIT about Nickleback TALK SHIT ABOUT THE NICKLEBACK YOU GET THE BACK HAND SLAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Eve King says:

    Loads of rock songs have lyrics like that. And why is it bad he supports other bands? Plus if people don’t like a band because that’s a popular thing to do…they are just sad. I like nickleback because they do gold music. People who don’t like them spend a lot of time bitching about the band. Just don’t listen to them if you don’t like their music it is pretty simple.

  6. buttholebuddy3000 says:

    I like nickle back more now

  7. Badass Jess says:

    This is ridiculous! We love Nickleback!

  8. H0ll0w360 says:

    15 trucks n rock stars!

  9. Nathan Z says:

    Dont talk shit about TOAD lol thats my favorite fucking band

  10. Jason Hosford says:

    Sooo people hate Chad Kroeger, not Nickelback?

  11. Spoony says:

    I would listen to Nickleback on repeat for the rest of my life before I listen to the shit 18 yo’s listen to these days.

  12. LukieJewitt says:

    Wasp giving them so much hate they aren’t even bad. I don’t understand why everyone thinks they are ass holes. Who cares as long as their musics good!

  13. Mathias Medina says:

    None of these reasons would make me not like them, sounds like regular “guy stuff”

  14. jeb stuart says:

    I thought they sucked when they.first came out.

  15. Brittany D says:

    Never understood the hate tbh. I’ve always loved Nickleback.

  16. Bloodjoe30 says:

    Because in todays generation its not cool to like old stuff. Hating nickelback was a meme that turned into a phase. Most of the hate comes from local bands that think its cool to hate one of the most successful bands ever because it makes their music sound better ? Because it gives them a better personality?. Kids stop what you are doing stop making fun and start taking notes. Maybe one day ur shit ass band will stop performaning in local shit bars and get a real gig like nickelback does. One thing I was taught was follow success and learn it. Nickleback is widley successful for a reason. And your shitty alternative metal band you are in will never be 1% as successful as they are and thats why most people hate nickelback. 🙂

  17. Falfool says:

    Look if you don’t like a band that’s fine but everything that’s been said in this video is total bullshit and fuck social media they always ruin everything for everyone, this sucks I like Nickelback

  18. Mark Oenning says:

    I hate Chad because he got to bang Avril Lavigne and I didn’t.

  19. Maggot4680 says:

    AC/DC made “misogynist” lyrics YEARS ago but hey, god fucking forbid you love women huh?

  20. TheTamran says:

    To me, Nickelback is the American beer of music. Disgusting, but people still buy it.

  21. Junwig Joe says:

    Nickelback is my favorite……..he is not that bad….

  22. Dane Lovell says:

    I was never a huge fan, I think I like Nickelback more after learning about all the reasons why people hate them.

  23. The Midnight Coal Company says:

    Because it’s pop crap not rock and roll. It’s garage

  24. Martin. LMG says:

    deutschmarks xd

  25. The Midnight Coal Company says:

    Whoa. He can drink a Corona I’m 5-6 seconds. Lmfao…. I’d hope so pussy boy….

  26. iLLuMiNaToR MarcXisme says:

    the music is shit so i understand

  27. Georgian Danciu says:

    i dont think so… i think this is an awesome band and thats it

  28. HappyC Is Me says:

    Only irrelevant POS People trying to sound “COOL” and getting on the Band Wagon bashing NB. Just look at the losers running their dick warmer out there.

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