How To L Grunge Aesthetic

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12 Responses

  1. Britney says:

    Can you do Instagram baddie next?

  2. Rawr XD says:

    Is it me or does the song sound like it’s saying “freaky Bruce Jenner”?😂😂

  3. Foxy Roxy and Vlog says:

    Grunge is my clothes aesthetic tumblr white and black and green is my room aesthetic and denim blue is my feed and vintage 80’s and 90’s is my vid aesthetic

  4. Mizuki Moe says:

    I want to make my Instagram more grunge and vintage aesthic. Can anyone give me any tips of taking good pictures in grunge and vintage aesthetic?

  5. laika trbl says:

    How about vintage 90s next??

  6. TheyLoveMyAesthetic says:

    If u want to give aesthetism advices, u should give outfits ideas and encourage people to try new stuff and everything. But now u just mention clothes pieces u saw in aesthetic picture, that wont help. That stripes shirt wont be aesthetic with every clothes pieces, even tho u suggested it, thats why im suggesting to put aesthetic outfit ideas.

  7. Vivian Basinet says:

    where do you get vintage tees?

  8. Jazuu Anaya says:


  9. Lps OurWorld says:

    I don’t look good in skirts or crop tops 😂 my torso is small

  10. -brigid- says:

    wish I had this stuff!

  11. Fandom Trash says:

    Are converse good shoes?

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