How To Practice CS:GO – Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Tutorial

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21 Responses

  1. Tyler Chung says:

    How bout bursting for head shot in dm???

  2. liljana pandilovski says:

    how do u make ur crosshair a small cyrcle

  3. RRUK YBAB says:

    You are simple the best.

  4. Global Offensive says:

    0:45 That viewmodel swaying looks legit. Give me viewmodel script please.

  5. Nathan Rogers says:

    excedrin excedrin excedrin excedrin excedrin excedrin excedrin excedrin excedrin excedrin excedrin excedrin

  6. OnlineGamer330 says:

    first you need to have a fucking pc that can fucking run this fucking game, and you have to find a fucking job to fucking afford a pc that can fucking run this game properly, second you can be a super noob or a pro motherfucker it doesn’t fucking matter because you just having fun, and if somebody asks you why you are such a noob, you say because i worked fucking hard for this day to play my fucking favorite games and now you gonna fucking complain about my fucking play?? No fuck off how about you go fuck yourself and suck a dick somewhere, because dont think that i care or give a shit what you think about me, i can play however the fuck i want okay, if it’s not illegal what im doing, then stfu bitch, and continue playing your fucking game!

  7. Aditya Sarkar says:

    i am a noooooooob

  8. Prey Naik says:

    Csgo had changed a lot

  9. StaleTV says:

    Anyone down to make a team? Reply with your steam names

  10. Leo Balderas says:

    I have 900+ hours in CSGO. I am still not good. I’ve realized that the whole Time I was playing I wasn’t looking for Headshots I was looking for kills. I always thought I was better and I wasn’t a team player. My suggestion: do as he says. Start from scratch. Go into Deathmatch and only get headshots. You don’t have to be as extreme as he was, but aim for the head. It will definitely help you. As for game sense and movement, play regular games. Competitive most of the time. Good luck.

  11. alex gatpandan says:

    Is it just me or am i just watching this because im new to the game

  12. Horst Günther Ludolf says:

    best vid from the owl. there is so much info packed in here.
    thx warowl and also i wanna thank the owlets!

  13. Stargaze says:

    Is it alright to play against expert bots for practice?

  14. Bynx says:

    I can’t even use a keyboard

  15. Stephen McElroy says:

    10: 39 “In Counter-Strike, the terrorists are like water. The passageways in the map are like streams. The counter-terrorists are like dams, blocking those streams and protecting the two villages. When there’s a crack in one of those dams or a stream is left undammed, then the water rushes through and drowns the village.”

  16. Kyle Vonk says:

    From fat kid to the chad

  17. Jonas Pedersen says:

    If I have to be completely honest, never have I ever in the entirety of my 300 silver mm hours ever experienced ONE SINGLE BIT of ANYONE knowing what teamwork or game sense is. its INSANE. I really have been so absolutely demotivated. I really think of refunding this game and get denied for the 70th time.

  18. Sweet Musiic says:

    Dam, remake this video.

  19. masked kulprit says:

    Oh man, that old warowl intro lol

  20. YY L says:

    6 years later…

  21. Joshua Chen says:

    Jesus Christ throwback cs looked like cod

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