Keep It Real – 90’s Hip Hop Old School Instrumental (Collab With ElevenEleven)

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32 Responses

  1. MERKS A MILLION says:


  2. Dany Sic says:

    and 3 years after the release I am still sad because this brilliant beat is not for free … but I understand it
    very good work!

  3. Jered Terry says: for all of you 90’s loving MC’s out there. Enjoy the beats! And if you enjoy it, please leave a like.

  4. TazZ Oficial says:

    free use?

  5. Marcus Fisher says:

    how can i buy this beat?

  6. Marlon Pinheiro says:

    You´re the best beatmakers in the world!!!

  7. M.C. DADDY D33 says:

    can I use this beat please

  8. Gillermo Castaño Moncada says:

    veterano y nunca la dejaré de escuchar y por supuesto the dance guimemo

  9. kingweezy Ward says:

    kick in the knowledge call me the rap savior taking yall back to the funky fresh flava because the old school is taking so lightly so I apologize of you don’t like me but you better take me serious because these trappers half ass rappers are making me furious makes me curious of they had no hype would they be considered good all the stories coming out the hood are fake sold their sold for the money they make

  10. czarnaMamba 6y says:

    podoba mi sie ten bit

  11. Mister Afghan says:

    Can i use it

  12. Zambonik! says:


  13. Rhayden From Heaven says:

    Are we allowed to use this for non-profit use?

  14. Bruhva Lee says:

    I spit sick shit like clinics
    My bars are corrosive I need to see a dentist
    I spit 47 like Kalishnakov
    Reload and replenish
    When Im goin off
    You hollow tip emcees get diminished

  15. KarpaBeats says:

    Man This Beat its so fucking awesome!!! Keep it up bro!

  16. - BadaBangHogger - says:

    how do i contact him

  17. SmallsVEVO says:

    Now this is a rap beat without a silly 808 drum

  18. Jack Brownlie says:

    I ain’t ashamed to be black, I ain’t ashamed to be white, why do people judge me for the things that I like, I should be able, to walk around and do things that I want to, why do I gotta where this type of clothes, talk to these type of hoes, enough with all the chit chat about me behind my back, because when I’m done with this game my city is on the map.

  19. HaksTV says:

    possibly the youngest yet talented. check this out and drop a like! covers worlds problems, things artists don’t write about, check it out! u won’t be disappointed!

  20. ArceusDM80 says:

    yeeea xD GOOD JOB MAN

  21. Andy Guze says:

    Just wrote some niceness to this! Thanks!

  22. G65 the Rapper says:

    hi!!! i want to say you i like this beat very much… i was recording this song for an intro for my first free mixtape… can i use this??
    i will write
    Beat by Mixlabeats ft. Eleven Eleven
    CREDIT: Mixlabeats & ElevenEleven

    let me know it ASAP

  23. DeSiieR says:

    Du denkst rap ist so einfach
    Du kriegst direkt einen Eintrag in dem steht
    Das du whack bist und scheiss machst
    Rap kannst du nicht es steht dir im Gesicht

    Freitags nachts du willst zur der Partyyy
    eingeladen ist nur deine Mamiii
    Du erzählst ihr dann von rap doch sie findet dich schlecht und sagt dir geh doch endlich weg tja Bruder rap ist nicht so einfach komm ich schreib dir noch ein Eintrag

    Am nächstes Tag übst du wie behindert 20st schreiben und es hatt sich nur verschlimmert ganz stolz sagst du mir du hast jetzt ne lyne ne doch die lyne find ich scheisse

    Hab das mal schnell geschrieben

  24. Apostrofe 636 says:


  25. savana barrett says:

    love it

  26. Caddiwhompus V says:

    i need to purchase this beat. how do i find it on your website?

  27. บุ๊ค 'สายเขียว says:

    อยากได้ชื่อต้องแลกด้วยเลือด ยอมให้ใครเค้าเชือด
    ไอ่ตอนที่กูหล่ะท้อ กูมีคำดูถูกผลักกูขยับเลื่อน

    เพื่อนกู กูหน่ะเพื่อนเอง ไม่ใช่ใคร กูหน่ะเพื่อนเพลง
    ชีพจรกูยังไม่หยุด กูจะปลุกให้มันกระเตื่องเอง
    อักษรข้างในสมุด สมองกูฉุดขึ้นมาเป็นเรื่องเอง

    ความฝันแม้มันจะจบ แต่กูจะไม่หลบถึงแม้จะจบเกมส์


    อยู่ในสตูกู วิช โซจู วิลัยกว่ากูคิด
    ไม่มีหลอกกูรู หรือโกคูลมีแต่พวกกูสปิท
    ไม่ต้องมาดูกู Don’t fuckyou หัวควยกับชีวิต

  28. JVCKY IVIIO says:

    จะทำอะไรก็ให้มึง keep.. keep it real
    Becuase i’m gonin to dha sky
    When we do it fuckin shit! So fly
    Smokin weed in whole tha time with ma crew พวกมึงก็รู้กู So high (*2)

  29. Chauncey Etter says:

    can I use this beat for my new song

  30. XxCurlyManxX says:

    This is totally something that would be playing in the back of a Casey Neistat vlog xD

  31. Jboy , says:

    i rap to this beat none profit check it out if you get a chance

  32. Gamrock says:

    Look, you’re seeing a 12 yr old freestyle,
    He’s too powerful he got you down on speed dial,
    And all my homies will never be senile,
    Because in rap, we always pass each trial,
    Look, I ain’t one of those random residents,
    By 2035, you can call me the rapping President,
    Yo homies, you stay with me,
    We take over each ally in each city,
    I’ll beat everyone who tries to diss me,
    But I won’t be strict yea I won’t be picky,
    Y’all know that those guys are bad people,
    If you want to fight I can smash you cuz ur evil,
    Also I’ll stab you with a needle,
    Because I don’t remember the last time you treated someone equal,


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