Kimbo Slice Vs Houston Alexander FULL FIGHT Night UFC – Ultimate Fighting Championship

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9 Responses

  1. Mark Bowdoin says:

    punch him in the throat kimbo.

  2. gearsghoul says:

    18:03 dude doesn’t even know how to capitalize, come on, That was part of your game plan, then you just blow your chance.

  3. Povrty says:

    Such low level fighting

  4. Peter Martin says:

    To bad kimbo could not beat that white boy cop 😂😂 that white boy beat his ass like he stole something!!!😂😂

  5. kingler619 6199 says:

    Is this a Mayweather fight?

  6. David Guadalupe Martinez Herrera says:

    Es verdad que murio Kimbo Slice?

  7. Michael Moore says:

    Houston wasn’t scared. He just knew he had to pick his shots wisely. Kimbo is a true fighter at the end of it all. Houston also.

  8. {ɪᴄᴏɢɴɪᴛᴏ} #1̴9̷̛́99̸̶ says:

    when you skip the tutorial but it’s on beginners mode

  9. Alex Morris says:

    Watched this live.

    As much as I love Kimbo, this fight was fixed. Houston Alexander is a UFC vet, under normal circumstances, he would’ve taken Kimbo to the ground, and just like Tank Abbot, they’re both stand up street fighters, Kimbo would’ve been out.

    Prior to this match, Kimbo injured his leg and he actually missed a match because of it.

    The ONLY reason why Kimbo Slice was brought into the UFC was for ratings, and they did get very good TV ratings out of him.

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