Let’s Play – GTA V – Offense Defense: The Wreckoning (#2)

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  1. semps112 says:

    the “dont let geoff win” at the end absolutely killed me

  2. Mozata says:

    I’m grateful to Ryan for giving us “YOOOUUUUU” in this video, but real talk…
    Ryan was a fucking idiot asshole in this video. Like, why was he even yelling at everyone? What did he think they were doing?

  3. trequor says:

    Watching the minimap at 14:10 is tense, I totally thought they would t bone

  4. thegazelle86375 says:

    How do you find this particular game? I want to give it a go. Help!!

  5. larsona2340 says:

    Offense Defense: The game mode that ends friendships and gets people fired.

  6. Julian George says:

    the ending to this is one of the craziest moments in ah history

  7. Mike Marvel says:

    Omg gavin! How does he win after his car gets destroyed every time. So funny.

  8. StolenDinosaur 22 says:

    4:33 Gavin hooked a hooker

  9. shutorshoot says:

    I feel like michael and ryan would be a solid team

  10. The Wanderer says:


  11. Studio Shanni says:


  12. dnceleets says:

    Ryan getting mad that a blocker was going for him when he wasn’t in first is the same reason Jeremy was mad at him when he was trying to block Michael

  13. - zobuggin - says:

    so wait….was jack the one who came up with ‘freak out before the job starts’ and geoff just continued doing it this long??

  14. Michael Miller says:

    12:20 jack: he protec, but he also attac

  15. McGyver777ATGMAIL says:

    This one is still epic.

  16. ulfragnarsson says:

    I love the “Inner serial killer and outer serial killer”bit

  17. Raging Irish says:

    Gavin: /throws things at Ryan and hits him hard, doesn’t care, Ryan doesn’t do anything about it/
    Ryan: /hits Gavin not hard at all/ Gavin are you okay?? I’m sorry!

    Ryan is so sweet to him. I ship it.

  18. Braden Rogers says:

    I always forget what video it is but Gavin’s failed T-Bone is the single greatest GTA V moment achievement Hunter has ever had

  19. AgentBTz says:

    Can Jack just get fired already? He is so annoying and not funny.

  20. Deadpoolio The Amazing says:

    It has always been Geoff unlike in gmod

  21. phasetransfercatalyst says:

    Oh wow, I’ve never thought of Ryan was annoying before but holy shit is he insufferable in this video.

  22. MariaThePotterNut says:

    “Ryan, I need you to harness your inner serial killer. And your outer serial killer.” 21:53

    Why is no one talking about this??? I laughed so hard I woke up people on the far side of the house, and I don’t see a single comment about it, come on guys!

  23. MessengerOfDreams says:

    Omg the second race ending may actually be the best moment in AH history

  24. SiegeSquirrel 42 says:

    13:53 Proof that Gavin can be creepy when he wants to.

  25. Goat Master says:

    We need anermated adventures

  26. Nomadic Inferno says:

    0:56 This is so ridiculous!

  27. Nomadic Inferno says:

    5:17 Truck you!

  28. Nomadic Inferno says:

    7:25 How does Mike do this!?

  29. Nomadic Inferno says:

    Woooaaahhh! So much airtime!

  30. Nomadic Inferno says:

    11:00 The fuck?

  31. ryan.rode.a.rhino says:

    Michael’s cockiness was getting on my nerves and it made me so happy to see it get destroyed at 18:36

  32. Daniel Peters says:

    Man back watching this.. Ryan still drives me insane in this. He went full retard in this .

  33. Kross8761 says:



    *”I need you to channel your inner serial killer, AND your outer serial killer”*


    Geoff: Goddamns

    Everyone else: slight confusion/laughter

    Michael: Interesting

    Ryan: you dirty Goddamns.

    Easily my 2 favorite bits

  34. Kross8761 says:


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