Lit – My Own Worst Enemy

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21 Responses

  1. Sarah Fafard says:

    I don’t think the song was ever features in any video games but I just can’t help it but to associate this type of music with sport and driving videogames like moto-cross, snowboard, skate and …

  2. joeyboogenz says:

    I just remember hearing that the lead singer recorded the vocal tracks for this particular song ,….like totally Nude in the recording booth, to get that raw , early 2000’s vibe pumping! .

  3. All Out! says:

    Still perfect mmmm

  4. Travis Agaman says:

    Holy crap I had forgotten just how terrible the 90s were. This is… the worst.

  5. Tanazia Rodriguez says:

    2018 anyone?

    ok i will go…

  6. Samuel Albert says:

    im beetlejuice

  7. Samuel Albert says:

    paul mccartneys beatlejuice

  8. That JDM Guy says:

    what did he call her? lol

  9. Jim's Words N' Chords says:

    Oh yeah.

  10. fabiano&anapaula soluções digitais says:

    foooooooooooooddddddddddddaaaaaaaassssssttttttiiiiiiiiicccccccooooooooooooooooo. top

  11. Dinpuia Deepee says:

    It reminds when I was teenager and my ex and not scare in the world . God.. I miss those days I feel like crying

  12. Rejean Anderson says:

    Everytime not another teen movie comes on lol

  13. Alex Tocqueville says:

    Totally forgot this band existed. Then I remembered when they showed up randomly at my Army base while I was in Basic Training in 2002 and played a free show in a field for about 400 bald-headed recruits. I remember being really grateful, since it was a totally unexpected act of kindness in the middle of some hard, mean training in a place where kindness was not high on the agenda. Plus, I was 18 and it was a free rock show, right? Only a couple of the younger drill sergeants enjoyed the show, the rest were mad the band was playing “mommy” to their “daddy” and giving us treats before dinner, so to speak. Literally the moment the show ended they went ballistic and ran us the two miles back to the barracks, berating us the whole way. Best day ever. I should write Lit a thank you letter. Does anybody know which Burger King they work at now?

  14. xbrakx says:

    Hmm I thought this was by Blink-182 , that’s what I get for using limewire lol

  15. Will White says:

    First heard this working at staples. Played it 10+ Times a shift on the overhead speakers

  16. AJ M says:


  17. Nihilist Blank says:

    Singer looks like Brendan Fraser

  18. MegaChris299 says:

    Lit 🔥

  19. Fuhrer Farquaad says:

    These guys are “Lit”

  20. Frank Freeman says:

    this band reminds me of Papa Roach

  21. Motorakid says:

    not me

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