Loser Offensive – CS:GO

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33 Responses

  1. Griffon Wojtowicz says:

    Hey pyro my man can you give me all your CSGO stuff since you stopped playing and if you don’t I will hack you Roblox and Minecraft account so I can steal your diamonds.

  2. BazookaJ2 - says:

    god dam jellyfsh sounds like the fucking pedo wth the loud speaker

  3. slinkierbook859 says:

    cyka blyat

  4. Mathias Reyes says:

    why is that girls mic like at 10000000000000% sensitivity

  5. AdamNag24 says:

    wtf does cyka blyat mean??

  6. Nicholas Castillo says:

    3:21 A touching moment from your boi Skeetz.

  7. Naomi Roval says:

    I only hear low quality female laughter.
    and hyojin ofcourse.

  8. MadeThis2comment says:

    Nothing gets views like spongebob in the thumbnail

  9. iquityoutube says:

    face revel plz

  10. I think I’ll Delete all my videos says:

    jellyfishes laugh is higher than the guy who made a video on smoking weed

  11. Domestic_K9 says:

    Subscribe to dolan dark

  12. Samson Gallows says:

    Man Squizzy has got one hell of a laugh

  13. Amanda Tumbaga says:


  14. Jeffery Von Mynamis says:

    I have my suspicions Hyojin is actually part Seagull

  15. Kristijan Bzdušok says:

    I wish pyrocynical is male gender.

  16. Killer Pickle says:

    Squizzy I love you

  17. Jackastromy YT says:

    Tell jellyfish to shut her loud ass up

  18. Nemanja Vranjes says:


  19. Cooper Casey says:


  20. GamerHD123 says:

    Damn that laugh.

  21. explaid says:

    Why does you girlfriend laugh like an actual hyena my ears are bleeding

  22. MemBoi says:

    whats the name of the server ?

  23. Benjamin Paez Silva says:

    that fucking laugh makes me want to kill myself

  24. RedRobin says:

    The girls laugh is annoying

  25. Rebical says:


  26. AxNinja S says:

    Simple. If ur silver 1 on EU servers you’re global on NA servers.
    Have fun !

  27. ok lol. says:

    I’m now deaf.

  28. CobaltArrow says:

    What game mode were they playing at the beginning on lake.

  29. Danguole Kepezinskiene says:


  30. R3D L34D3R says:

    Cyka blayt

  31. draizzer tamayo says:

    Can’t Fvckin’ Watch the video Without laughing too much xD

  32. Sir.LuckiSpucki Newman says:

    5:58 Das some kinky shit right there

  33. pukklemaster says:

    Did you just say dark sigil in that one bit excuse me hidetaki myasaki will kill you for copying

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