Making Progress – 90’s Hip-Hop Instrumental

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8 Responses

  1. Bulg Productions says:


  2. The BK Beats Channel says:

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  3. Big Smoke says:

    start dissin people with bars in this thread starting with me

  4. Chad Jackson says:

    Can I buy and use this beat or is it royalty free?

  5. Cuauht. SR says:

    De mis pistas favoritas .

  6. Lil Ze says:

    Why you display that defensive tone, endless poems
    Recited by the pirate, sink ya ship bitch
    Leave you with one eye like Rick if ya think ya slick kid
    Bring a big spliff if you got love for the homie
    Shit, friends for life if you bring a stogie, solely
    For the bitches, what expensive ornaments
    Keep calling the streets home till yo problems extensive and yo home a tent
    I call a zone a friend cuz it’s the only thing that gives me comfort when I’m with it
    My niggas shooting out the benches like Shumpert then I split with
    The murder weapon I merger lessons that the dumb thought me
    Every nigga in the slum got me, blunts shock me
    With the thoughts I’m appalled by reality
    Withdraw any vanity
    Growing in my humble persona
    Watch when you swim in the lakes of the jungle, piranhas
    Is lurking, I’m smirking cuz I’m crazy and I don’t give a fuck
    Living in the ghetto wishing the way I lived was plush

  7. Beats JC says:

    I’m new to this, could they go through my channel and give me their opinions, please?
    sorry for spam

  8. Cuauht. SR says:

    Esta es la mejor mierda del mundo ,

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