NFL ‘Perfect’ Punts

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35 Responses

  1. Nate Ohan says:

    So do you love every comment

  2. ivan santana says:

    I like the intro I love logic

  3. 10,000 subs Without a video says:

    Where’s my boy Marquet King

  4. Paul Paik says:

    this makes my OCD happy

  5. Kyle Fox says:

    Where is the Ohio state one

  6. Kyle Fox says:

    They had an amazing punt at the 1 yard line

  7. The Legend says:

    I’m comfused

  8. Tb Silva says:

    Music at the start??

  9. Kaleb Porter says:

    Jesus Loves Everyone

  10. Nismo Garcia says:

    Only Pussy Ass Teams Punt On A Fourth Down, Make A Play Or Suck. A Dicj

  11. Patrick Thorpe says:

    The best punt in my opinion was the Steelers punt and I think it should be number 1 but great video and great content I wish you the best of luck my friend

  12. SydneyFootball says:

    How the hell did the second ball keep rolling? This was so satisfying though!

  13. Alan Craig says:

    Why he punt on 3rd down

  14. rottanak peath says:


  15. FARMER HARDY says:

    I know this is not collage but the ducks had one on big save

  16. Sniper Badger says:


  17. DANKVULK says:

    england is my midi

  18. morganfreeman67 says:

    I don’t think these guys get the recognition they deserve. That is not easy to do at all and it’s a huge part of the game

  19. Erik Pierce says:

    The Matt Cassel kick was the most impressive. Cassel is a QB.

  20. GustavGoldanio says:

    I’m Australian so i don’t know much about NFL but why do they leave it when it gets close to the end zone?

  21. vTL Mobb says:

    Can i get a shout out

  22. Evan DeForest says:

    The Bucs punt is probably the coolest punt coverage ever

  23. MrRicky says:

    I’m sort of new to football so please don’t hate but, why do they surround the ball at kickoff when it’s near the end zone?

  24. Paul Nguyen says:

    2009 Chargers vs Colts playoff @50:35

  25. Matthew633 says:

    Best backup quarterbacks

  26. Emilie Smith says:

    Why don’t u do one explaining how the game “Football” works and how it’s played and scoredFor some of us who just understand God and his rules …;)!!! Lol

  27. Brooke says:

    I’m sorry but how can that Steelers/Raiders one not be a touch back? You can get a touch down buy touching the line but not when the ball hits it in a punt?

  28. R Y A N says:

    Look at this ghetto ass recording 1:07 😂

  29. Fifa is fun says:


  30. Fifa is fun says:

    If I get 2 likes I will be happy

  31. John Wozniak says:

    0:44 THIS is why I hate the Pats so much. Their _backup_ QB pulls off a one-in-a-million punt (Brady’s pretty good at them too. I assume this was the year Tom was out; I recognized the name Cassel) against my team like it was nothing.

  32. KID PERFECT says:

    This is from kid perfect that was great thanks

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