Offensive Lineman — Went Full Retard

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  1. Mr PersonGuy says:

    He is still waiting for the ghost of a defensive lineman

  2. Peter Ordinary says:

    Quarterback was talking shit to his line and they returned the favor.

  3. Julian Zamudio says:

    when you gotta take a shit, but you gotta hold for a minute before you can just walk to the bathroom

  4. Jim Porter says:

    The quarterback was calling the signals in cursive, and the guy just doesn’t do cursive.

  5. BIGWORM 510 says:

    Must be a Madden glitch. This is why 2K sports needs to get back the NFL license.

  6. johnlocke445 says:

    All linemen hate it when that happens to them!

  7. Arthur Rotter says:

    “Never go full retard” tropic thunder 2004

  8. hellowutlol says:

    *when your xbox batteries die right before the play*

  9. Cris Mike says:

    when the drugs kick in…

  10. Dobbys Vlogs says:

    When ya game glitch in Madden

  11. NO MA'AM says:

    It is highly likely he had just suffered from a concussion and wasn’t fully aware of his surroundings.

  12. Son of Jesus says:

    He was doing the Mannequin challenge.

  13. Brian Rapsey says:

    looks like a madden glitch

  14. JBRADY 8 says:

    The description is the definition of mental retardation. Bruh

  15. rokobe says:

    they made the mannequin challenge

  16. Of All My Intention says:

    You have the FSU lineman not moving, then later, you have the two Gators blocking each other….What are they doing down in Florida?

  17. Vlogs and games With Hunter says:

    Madden irl

  18. MegaAbomb says:

    Did the FSU -Oline EVER not suck???????

  19. big smoke says:

    Legend has it he’s still standing there.

  20. Bannana Bobby says:

    I remember one of our freshman did the exact same thing 😂😂😂

  21. Ron Don says:

    haaaaaaaaaaahah what the fuckkkkkk

  22. William Smith says:

    He was the only lineman to grade out perfect on that play. The ball was not supposed to be snapped and his assignment was to not move, no matter what. He fulfilled his assignment. Rick Trickett himself told me.

  23. Jason Gao says:

    This reminds me of madden mobile linemen lol #EACancer

  24. Vixsul says:

    when ur internet stops

  25. Evan Thang Bom says:

    nah, i think he was just trying to show up the snapper. like wtf bro, you went at the wrong time and made me look stupid. So ima just squat here and act like i never heard YOUR WEAK ASS SNAP COUNT

  26. Tedd Glass says:

    they were MK ultraed

  27. Tom M says:

    Good hustle

  28. Chuck Harding says:

    This comment section is filled with people repeating themselves…dear god youtubers are stoopid

  29. Ian H says:

    When the snap count is on two but the center says fuck it

  30. SpongeBob SquarePantz says:

    He off that loud bruh it’s all good

  31. Lane Boy says:

    I’m pretty sure this is patched now

  32. demonic masters says:

    It almost looks like the lineman was trying to get back at the qb for something the qb did a long time ago so he let his guy right through hoping he’d sack the qb but the qb actually picked up yardage and now I’ll bet that right tackle is really regretting his decision

  33. Frood says:

    Madden glitches in a nutshell.

  34. Zen Razor says:


  35. xaiver beaudin says:

    have you tried turning him off and back on again

  36. BadLeaders says:

    He heard the National Anthem playing so he figured his race was so oppressed that he better not stand!

  37. Vince Venzan says:

    He shit himself.

  38. Andrew mamrus says:


  39. IsaacH1273 says:

    That was still like an 8 yard gain.

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