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  1. Chris Rowson says:

    Just stumbled across this, what an annoying time vampire to the world you are. Congratulations

  2. SlashDotDash121 says:

    He’s had hair plugs and plastic surgery. A regard could tell this looking at these older vids…xer

  3. switchinblades says:

    The only thing that actually bothered me was that the hitler picture had a typo. It’s supposed to be ‘nein’ not ‘nien’

  4. killer cady says:

    why is Australia put under as racists ? XD am not btw

  5. TheyCallMeFluffkin says:

    While at 0:45 Onision is naming who to hate, I’m here wondering what the hell “nien” is. To whoever wrote it, good grammar bro.

  6. Tsuachii Kid! says:

    “I hope you weren’t too offended”
    How sweet

  7. No ya Liddy says:

    This is off topic but why does onision think Caucasian and white are the same thing?they aren’t.

  8. Ethan Amador says:

    That Bush impression though

  9. Maya H. says:

    Greg’s face on the thumbnail tho lmao so cute😂😂😂😂

  10. Chi Pa Pa says:

    I want to visit China and Japan.

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