Offensive Nelly – The Office US

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25 Responses

  1. aperson22222 says:

    I agree with PBJ. Why was she there? I hated having her on the show.

  2. Brian Bruno says:

    I hated nelly so fucking much when she just came in out of nowhere

  3. Autumn Potato says:

    I dont know what people are talking about, Nelly is one of the best characters in my opinion. She’s hilarious.

  4. Ethan B says:

    It’s Ultron!

  5. Goodbrew84 says:

    I’m upset Robert California never got comeuppance – he just walked away with a fat payout and sexy times.

  6. SinisterMinister says:

    she’s hot though
    redhead, curves, nice

  7. Kevin Crawford says:

    These two are the main reason I didn’t finish this show.

  8. Androgynous Anonymous says:

    Must be nice to roll into work at 9am.

  9. Negan says:

    Never understood if Robert wanted to get in there or he already was in there and wanted more or does Nelly know he has a tiny penis?

  10. unowen7591 says:

    Both Robert and Nellie were so unnecessary for the Office. I felt like starting from when Michael left they just became desperate with characters.

  11. Alex K says:

    “¡Ay, curamba! The natives are getting restless” 😂😂😂 she is so offensive I love it

  12. Ethan Brody says:

    Who’s a native? lololol

  13. Joey007ist says:

    Nellie’s that character that just won’t go away in the last 2 seasons. Every time you think she’s about to go away, she comes back somehow.

  14. FreezingInferno says:

    I always hated nelly

  15. blue2tang says:

    What kind of weirdo sets their alarm for 7:46?

  16. chexlex 131618 says:


  17. Hannah Braverman says:


  18. Canadian Gold says:

    I love how the one of the lowest episodes of the office is still better than most shows today

  19. Fusi0nZ says:

    Is that Michael Rosen?

  20. Diegomolinams98 says:

    I’m watching episode 22 of season 9, and the name is Nellie Bertram, not Nelly.

  21. RetroGamer7200 says:


  22. Mr. Meeseeks says:

    I fucking hate nelly. I wish was just not a character

  23. Andrea Styles says:

    I don’t know who I hated more Robert or Nelly. Literally the only worthy non original cast member is Andy.

  24. SnakeNetherEye says:

    “Good morning Robert! Says no one because the receptionist is in Florida.”


  25. wenn wenn says:

    Loved this! Excellent acting!

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