Pearl Jam – Alive

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36 Responses

  1. Carolyn Gill says:

    love his voice

  2. Alex Correia says:

    This song is awesome!

  3. RAUL ABDALA says:

    esta musica es para putitos q van a lo boliches y se creen roqueritos.

  4. maudelynn13 says:

    Matt Chamberlain played the drums on this one… it is live, not lip-synched. Pretty cool for a video

  5. Jonah Siewert says:

    Id like to dedicate this song to all the faces of Rock N Roll that have passed away

  6. Jonah Siewert says:

    Id like to dedicate all the Rock N Roll faces who have passed away……you will never be forgotten

  7. O'Family On the Move says:

    I know the internet and VEVO killed MTV as we knew it but it was so much fun sitting around the tube with friends and watching all these videos. Now, most watch alone on 4.5 inch screens. They are missing out!

  8. V Lo says:

    omggg him and the whole band are soo freaking sexy and hot!! seriously the epitome of male beauty i wish more men had that wild slim sexy long haired boy look

  9. Charles Stone says:

    The Album had a warmth I can’t describe. Missing it here big time (hey that is a Peter Gabriel song). Ten could be one of the best albums ever yet Pearl Jam is not the best band ever! Ten was a greatly produced album!

  10. Capri Corn says:

    Great voice and wonderful song! Love it!!!

  11. Mônica Andrade de Jesus says:

    louka por eddie seus kbelos sua voz, ele toddinho amarei sempre

  12. gia prep says:

    I’m just here for Lana parrila its a song she likes but its good😂

  13. Michele Trimble says:

    pearl jam rocks keep jammin

  14. Brooke Brandon says:

    Thank God he’s still alive…there aren’t many great ones left 😓

  15. Fabio Germano says:

    Isso é música porra

  16. Conservador à brasileira says:

    Essa época tão boa não volta mais

  17. Reagan Smith says:

    still love this since 92

  18. Reagan Smith says:

    stay alive eddy. you all we have left esp. of the originals from seattle.

  19. Kirstine Termansen says:

    It do

  20. Lowie Caems says:

    Really Nice song

  21. Kauan Victor says:


  22. Hilman Metal says:

    I m still alive 🤗 you still alive ❤ Pearl Jam 🤘

  23. Fabio Cruz says:

    BRASIL 2018!!!!

  24. custoddy says:

    Foda de maaaais

  25. pol merino says:

    Viva la Nickii💓💓💎

  26. ElleK says:

    Have I got a little story for you….😜

  27. david Taylor says:

    God this beats today’s music

  28. Enis BBoyJazzySpliff says:

    I will never Froget the old Beautiful years 🤘🙏

  29. Pera Detlić says:


  30. J F says:

    Gives me chills up and down my spine everytime…. awesome voice, music, and guitar solo!!!!!!!!!

  31. loïc huchet says:

    jamais je ne m’en passerais

  32. valter gonçalves says:

    2018, ouvindo um sonzão, musica atemporal “Oh, i’m still alive”.

  33. Stephen Dailey says:

    Go Eddie!!!!! I am still alive!!!! Fantastic awesome amazing!!!!!

  34. Mehmed says:

    This song can save many lives ☺💕

  35. TheNightOwl says:

    1. American women – Lenny Kravitz
    2. Alive – Pearl Jam
    3. Walk – Foo fighters
    4. Boys of the summer – The Ataris
    5. All Along The WatchTower – Jimi Hendrix

    My Most Listened songs on Spotify

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