Pedestrian Question – Are You Drunk?

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8 Responses

  1. Chill says:

    Prime exemple of being stoned is better than drunk

  2. Omer Dede says:

    Pls sub

  3. Emily Vecellio says:

    I mean are they outside of a bar?

  4. Kary J. says:

    Cleveland girls…lol

  5. Samxo Eli says:

    I knew by the thumbnail this was in Austin lol

  6. Javier Bazan says:

    im from houston tx and im sipping a beer while watching this lmao 😸😸😸😎

  7. Danielle Johnson says:

    Omg when I’m drunk I’m always stumbling lol anyone would be able to tell

  8. andrian nasir says:

    I love this pedestrian session lol

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