Picking My Drunk Sis Up At 6AM

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31 Responses

  1. ISEE YOU says:


  2. Pieter van Dyk says:

    6.2 million views? Humanity is doomed.

  3. Karashke sucks says:

    Who the hell gets drunk in the morning

  4. Muckan says:

    You’re a good brother, would she turn out to give you a lift home at 6am?

  5. RatchYT says:

    Lol ingen forstår hvad hun siger fordi det er dansk…

  6. It's Shoker says:

    Please upload some more videos!

  7. ProMotoo says:

    Hey du er dansker😉

  8. chris haugaard says:

    “Kan du ikke sætte håndbremsen over i den anden side” Jeg er ved at dø af grin

  9. Latifah Baker says:


  10. SweMcMurry16 - Games and Art says:


  11. Cristiano Paggiarin says:


  12. Outfield 243 says:

    Yo what’s your sisters number?

  13. Syed Shah says:

    People are enjoying Saturday night in Boston or places while I’m here watching this😂😂😂 AND I FOUND That feet rule really coool…at least she was following even though she was drunk lol

  14. Syed Shah says:

    I actually liked your Tshirt

  15. randy scheurer says:

    Pretty blue panties lmao

  16. INKD JAY says:

    She’s one of those drunks

  17. Peanutbutter Girl says:


  18. Smear Pap says:

    I want my 8:20 minutes of data back.
    No crash no vomiting wow

  19. TheLovoskyMan says:

    She’s So Drunk

  20. VEND ETTRRA says:

    Make a new vid , it’s been 4 years ffs

  21. Andy M says:

    Forget the sister. He is very cute.

  22. Shrek My Saviour says:

    That’s more than alcohol

  23. Kitty Squishy says:

    Hvorfor står titlen på engelsk?

  24. The Arbfm says:

    Du er seriøst den bedste bror nogensinde! xD

  25. Kristian Graves says:

    Well , uhhh…. that’s enough YouTube for the day

  26. sleepyheadses says:

    Um She’s not drunk; she’s high af

  27. gurjinder singh says:

    I died at the fkn bubbles

  28. Darian Washburn says:

    This is fucking to die for!! SO FUNNY!!!! Boy the hangover after this tho😬😬

  29. Kirty Wright says:

    God they’re both beautiful ♥️

  30. Hamza Ali says:

    Dansk Humor

  31. Cad avr says:

    thats a nice jeep u have there in the back

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