Russell Wilson (Wisconsin, QB) 2012 NFL Combine Highlights

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8 Responses

  1. Yaahboi52 says:

    Yeah if I were Russ I would’ve been dipped on football to make hundreds of millions in MLB baseball lol coming from someone who doesn’t even watch baseball and is a football fan haha

  2. Gunsol Videos says:

    quite funny just watched tom brady draft before. college athlete today are way more jacked than brady

  3. Oswald Ayuketah says:

    this guy is almost faster that Antonio brown

  4. Ratio Tile says:

    I have never seen a tighter spiral.

  5. Miguel cabrera says:

    still don’t understand why he’s not playing in the mlb

  6. Marcell Kecskemety says:

    loving the music. shazam couldn’t find it. what’s it called?

  7. greg west says:

    he’s number 2 after QB after any dallas cowboys pick..cowboys nation

  8. jpowers55 says:

    Look like that dude from the Last Dragon.

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