Steelers Vs. Chiefs | NFL Divisional Game Highlights

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6 Responses

  1. Ryan B says:

    Chiefs the first team to lose a game when they scored 2 touchdowns more then the other team…

  2. spence says:

    its amazing how good the chiefs are yet never win anything

  3. Wynston Williams says:

    2016 was such a bad season

  4. T Lindsey-Billingsley, Author says:

    This was the beginning of the end. 9 game win streak…wildcard…no bye…no touchdowns in this. What a run, but was doomed against NE. Too bad. #GoSteelers

  5. 1990Thunderbolt says:

    how do you lose to the steelers but beat the patriots in a blowout….

  6. Baphomet The Great says:

    This loss hurt bad! VERY BAD!

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