Steelers Vs. Patriots | AFC Championship Game Highlights

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  1. Dewillie Smith says:

    Chris Hogan snapped this entire game 😭🏈💯

  2. Sportz Reactz says:

    The Texans had a better chance than the sorry ass steelers

  3. Renuka k says:

    Brady tried that Willson spin move lol!

  4. Mike Youngblood says:

    Steelers have nothing to complain about. They were in the game until midway thru the 3rd Quarter.

  5. timomastosalo says:

    No weaknesses in the Pats?
    There was.

    They missed 1 extrapoint.

  6. Nikhil Krishna says:

    I love what Brady did at 1:12. Sends Blount to the far side left, which makes the slow LB cover the fast Hogan. Bam, 20+ yards on the catch. When something like that happens, your MLB has to communicate the appropriate switch which clearly did not happen here lol.

  7. Nikhil Krishna says:

    3:25 Funny how Ben insists on throwing to the end zone when he probably would have got close to a TD if he dinked it to D’Angelo Williams

  8. Samuel Hain says:

    Mike Tomlins BLOWS as a coach. Steelers looked COMPLETELY unprepared.

  9. James Rockford says:


  10. Liberty Or Death says:

    Only the patriot would want to win a game like this…it was predetermined they would win the Super Bowl. The head coach, owner and the face of the franchise The quarterback all wanted to go to the White House. Take a look at that team and it spelled We love Trump. No other team would have gone, except for the Broncos. The NBA champions won’t go, but those patriots did. I wonder why? The Steelers didn’t want this game or this Super Bowl. I don’t think any team other than the patriots, broncos and all the teams in the NHL would accept an invite to D. Trump’s White House. Maybe Serena and her sister would go.

  11. Nick Currie says:

    I will never be over Jim Nantz saying “The Flea Flicker!”

  12. A ROCKSTAR says:

    7:30 thats what happens when the steelers play MAN COVERAGE. They need to mix it up next time

  13. Renan says:

    Brady is a good player, however, without his OL, he’s nothing.

  14. kae587 says:

    2:39 I love how you can hear the crowd getting excited when dion throws it back to brady for the flea flicker

  15. Wings22best says:

    The steelers play calls were just awful

  16. Best In The World says:

    3 Things are certain in life
    1. Death
    2. Taxes
    3. Pittsburgh doesn’t beat Brady in Foxborough

  17. Mr Ghosty says:

    How does a Steelers’s fan change a light bulb?

    They don’t… they just brag about how good it used to be

  18. rish dha says:

    Blunt is the new beast mode

  19. Josh Besitan says:

    Let the steelers win against the patriots last year they beat us and i want the steelers to beat the patriots

  20. PATRIOTS 1-1 says:

    “It’s gnna take a great game of Atlanta to beat this team”

    I love it ! 28-3

  21. lordpacer says:


  22. Gabriel Casasola says:

    in short…. the steelers love the patriots “D”…….

  23. SuperGrover17 says:

    The Steelers were a wreck in this game

    Marty B was out of Marijuana and Le’veon Bell didn’t show up
    So many mental mistakes by the players
    Occasional bad play calling
    Many dropped passes and fumbles that shouldn’t have been

    And to add on, The Patriots played beautifully, with Chris Hogan having one of the greatest Conference Championship performances of all time

    SMH, Steelers could’ve done so much better

  24. Sportspantsvlogs says:

    Anybody watching highlights cause they bored of preseason

  25. Clorox Bleach says:

    The most boring champ of all time

  26. Slay Family says:

    Who else is sad that LeGarrete Blount is not with the Pats?

  27. Jorge Alejandro says:

    now with julian edelman done for the 2017 season, i seen alot of comments from the steelers fans saying: the steelers will be the 2018 champs and celebrate he is injury, Now is personnal for me that the pats can shut up all these ignorents

  28. Infinite Gaming says:

    The defense cordinator sucked. Jesse James scored. The referees lied. This was about as much of an inside job as 9/11. Steelers would of won

  29. clifton norflet says:

    Gronks coming back lol they got cooks man just heal up Ed

  30. steelcity6 says:

    When Chris Boswell missed the extra point I knew it was going to be a long night. Pittsburgh stuck it out until halftime. When your defense struggles this much the best defense is offense and that’s keeping Tom Brady off the football field. I know Brady is great with a short amount of time, but at least as a defense you know they are throwing the ball.

  31. Juan Torres says:

    Hogan beast

  32. Johnv 6197 says:

    So the steelers are the only ones who can stop pats?!😂

  33. Patrick Gray says:

    Until I see Pittsburgh beat New England in the playoffs when it matters New England is the team to beat. Same story every time Brady carves the up. & I can’t stand the Patriots.

  34. Issiac Burnett says:


  35. Kemily Play says:

    gostei muito

  36. Vince Dubois says:

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  37. Ninja Fly Away says:

    The Steelers without the help of the refs SUCKS JAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJA

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