Stipe Miocic Vs Francis Ngannou | HIGHLIGHTS | UFC 220

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9 Responses

  1. John Frankovich says:


  2. gmax876 says:

    0:41 Says it all…

  3. Modern Savage25 says:

    I wish they Stipe would have varied his striking more, and threw more strikes. He had the opportunity to breathe, and get out more knees to the body, when he had Ngannou up against the fence. He could have elbowed Ngannou to the face. Reaching down and grabbing Frances’ wrist on the opposite side ( Khabib style), would have given him more control, and left Ngannou more open to being hit. I respect that he won, but it’s nice to see a finish. I just wish he would have been more active, and got the finish.

  4. Sachin The Gamer says:


  5. robert feeley says:

    Thrown fighy

  6. robert feeley says:

    Thrown fight

  7. Gustavo hernandez says:


  8. arizona tea says:

    Omg Karyn …….she’s golden

  9. average220 says:

    Two people lost on the ring that night, Ngannou and Dana White…LOL

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